The callback service has been expanded
2024-06-01 ↴

From now on the callback service also responds when deleting messages (Single, Selected, All)

PS Notification Forwarder
2024-02-16 ↴

With "PS Notification Forwarder" you can forward your Windows 10/11 notifications to your registered devices or to another webhook/API endpoint.

Easy setup > activate desired programs > enter API endpoints all HTTP(S) connections are supported > done

Android V3.5.3
2024-01-05 ↴

Update Android Client APP

Whats new:
- fix autostart issue Android >=10
- minor bugfixes and improvements

Android V3.4.1
2023-11-13 ↴

Update Android Client APP

Whats new:
- rework inApp permission checker (Android >=10)
- minor bugfixes and improvements

iOS V3.5.1
2023-11-09 ↴

- "Time-Sensitive Notifications" (only iOS) are now supported.
Pushsafer Time-Sensitive Notifications

New Pushsafer Examples & Plugin and Updates
2023-10-23 ↴

Many of the Pushsafer integration examples and plugins have been updated so that all available Pushsafer parameters can be used. Here is a short list of the updated and new plugins:

make (formerly Integromat)

openHAB 3
domoticz (Blockly, DzVents)
Samsung SmartThings

Android V3.3.4
2023-09-07 ↴

Update Android Client APP

Whats new:
- fix notification issue on Android 13 devices
- minor bugfixes

Set time zones for devices
2023-08-24 ↴

You can now set the time zone separately for each device. To do this, go to your Pushsafer Dashboard and press the yellow button (pen) next your device and scroll down.

iOS V3.4.1
2023-05-30 ↴

Update iOS Client APP

Whats new:
- fix broken header (iOS >=16.4)
- minor bugfixes and improvements

API for reading device data has been extended
2023-02-11 ↴

The read devices API has been extended. Now you get the following parameter of each physical device.

  • device id

  • name

  • status

  • platform

  • location latitude

  • location longitude

  • location time

  • is guest device

  • date created

  • date last sync

API for reading messages has been extended
2022-12-28 ↴

The read message API has been extended with the optional parameter m = message ID. With this new parameter you have the possibility to read only a single message instead of all messages.

2022-12-24 ↴

send messages, images and urls with Pushsafer to Telegram.

iOS, Android & Windows V3.3.1
2022-07-18 ↴

Update Client APP

Whats new:

- feature to force an answer (see API description)

Push-Notification force answer

- french translation

- fix issue of registration with QR Code

- fix line-height of messages

- minor bugfixes

Hide notification-banner in quiet time
2022-06-04 ↴

If you don't want to see a notification banner during quiet time, you can set this on your device.

To do this, you must select the desired quiet time and activate the option Don't show notification banner when Quiet Time is active..

Do not show notification banner when quiet time is active

Send cross-account push notifications
2022-04-25 ↴

With the newly introduced subkeys, you can send messages to devices on other accounts.

iOS, Android & Windows V3.2.1
2022-03-16 ↴

Update Client APP

Whats new:

- get notice when a device already registered to an other account

- option to activate/deactivate Tactile Feedback (vibration)

- option to share or open notification images (iOS, Android)

- new notification icons

- after logging out set device status to off (no notification will be send to this device)

- delete User account within the app (iOS, WIN10)

iOS Notification
2022-01-15 ↴

- from now on, the title and the message will be displayed separately in the push notification:

iOS Push-Notification Title and Message displayed seperately

2021-11-08 ↴

Invoices can now be downloaded from the profile page.

Changes to the SSL certificate
2021-10-30 ↴

Our SSL certificate provider has made changes.

No problems will arise on newer systems, as updates have usually already been made available for them. Older systems, which cause the following errors when sending Pushsafer messages, must install the "Let's Encrypt" root certificate on the client side or disable SSL verification.

"SSL certificate check failed, certificate has expired"

Please follow the instructions on this page:

Pushsafer API
2021-08-10 ↴

The Pushsafer API has been expanded! The following endpoints are now available:

- send push-notifications
- Read messages
- Devices (output of all registered devices)
- Change device name
- Change device status
- Delete devices
- Groups API (output of all groups)
- Create group
- Change group name
- Change group status
- Change group devices
- Delete group
- Validate private key
- Output all icons
- Output all sounds

iOS, Android & Windows V3.1.1
2021-07-22 ↴

Update Client APP

Whats new:

- option to open received messages automatically or not

- option to set the number of message lines in preview

- Spanish is available as an APP language

- minor bugfixes

iOS, Android & Windows V3.0.1
2021-06-15 ↴

Update Client APP

Whats new:

- revised user interface with Taptic Recognition

- add predefined answers with the Pushsafer Parameter "ao", take a look at the api description (

- Alias & Mail-Gateway extended to include answer options

- add answer to the callback function, take a look at the api description (

- in the app-settings you can sorting the message list

Pushsafer Update V3.0.1

Answer > Callback
2021-06-11 ↴

Responses (answers) to push notifications are now also transmitted via the callback function.

Android APP V2.9.2
2021-04-06 ↴

- fixes a bug which can lead to a crash of the APP (Android 10 & 11)

Web Push Browser
2021-02-24 ↴

from now the browser Microsoft Edge 17+ is supported

More supported browsers: Chrome 50+, Firefox 44+, Opera 39+ and Yandex 19+

Pushsafer Web Push Browser Support for Microsoft Edge 17+

Supported API functions
- Title, message, icon & URL

iOS, Android APP V2.9.1
2021-02-16 ↴

- fixes a problem with registering guest devices (iOS + Android)

- fixes a problem with playing notification sounds when "Do Not Disturb" is on and "Override Do Not Disturb" has been set for this notification channel (Android)

iOS, Android, WIN10 APP V2.8.1
2020-12-13 ↴

- dark app design is now available for automatic (>=iOS13, >=Android and WIN10) or manual selection

- export all messages as JSON or CSV

- 2 more notification sounds (short pager,
long pager) for Andorid and iOS

- some improvements and bug fixes

CC E-mail of push-notifications
2020-12-10 ↴

From now you can send a CC e-mail with the content of the message for every sent push notification.
In your profile activate "Send a copy of each push-notification by email" and set a CC email address.

Parameter cr = Confirm
2020-11-19 ↴

With the confirm-parameter cr, a message is sent again after a specified period of time (10-10800 seconds, steps of 10s) until the message confirmed by opening the client APP or on the Pushsafer website.

Older APP releases
2020-11-18 ↴

in order to install Pushsafer on devices with outdated operating systems, now you have access to older app releases.

causes iOS
2020-11-09 ↴

Due the deadline to upgrade to the APNs provider API till March 31, 2021, we updated from Apple legacy binary protocol to the HTTP/2-based Apple Push Notification service (APNs) provider API. It promises faster and safer transmission of messages!

You don't have to make any changes, the push notifications are sent as usual!

Device Delete API
2020-10-20 ↴

Add ability to delete devices by api:

iOS, Android, WIN10 APP V2.7.1
2020-08-07 ↴

- option to automatically open URLs when Pushsafer is launched from a notification and a URL was passed via the parameter [u]

- option to open URLs in internal or external browser
- "Do not disturb" button / function added, sets the notification sound to silent for a choosen period

- "Critical Alerts" (only iOS) are now supported, this option must be activated under Settings and APP permissions

iOS, Android, WIN10
2020-06-15 ↴

- register guest-devices with predefined groups (one or more)

guest ID|device name|device group 1,device group 2,device group 3 ...

iOS, Android, WIN10 APP V2.6.1
2020-05-07 ↴

- register guest-devices with predefined name and/or device group
- fix notification badge counter (iOS)
- fix login issue (WIN10, iOS)
- add permission checker for Android devices
- minor bugfixes & improvements

IFTTT Trigger
2020-04-30 ↴

Use Pushsafer as trigger on IFTTT!

Use push notifications from Pushsafer as a trigger and execute an action from an IFTTT service!

Use Pushsafer<br />
 as trigger on IFTTT

2020-03-30 ↴

Pushsafer works with IFTTT!

Send a Push-Notification by with a service from IFTTT to your iOS, Android and Windows 10 devices

With each trigger on IFTTT you can use Pushsafer as action and send a push-notification.

Pushsafer works with IFTTT

2020-02-08 ↴

Send GIPHY GIFs using the parameter g. Take a look at the api description for more informations.

Send GIPHY GIF within a Pushsafer push notification

E-Mail Gateway
2020-02-04 ↴

the email gateway now also processes HTML formatting and links. All transmitted links can be called up from the Pushsafer client APP!

Web Push Browser
2020-01-10 ↴

Supported browsers and range of functions have been expanded.
Supported browsers: Chrome 50+, Firefox 46+, Opera 42+ and Yandex 19+

Pushsafer Web Push Browser Support

Supported API functions
- Title, message, icon & URL

Long error / response messages
2019-12-20 ↴

For some platforms, the Pushsafer response codes are too short and replaced by native ones. To work around this problem, you can activate the Long error / responses messages option in your Profile!

iOS APP V2.5.1
2019-10-15 ↴

- iMessage Sticker (use all 177 Pushsafer icons as stickers in iMessage)
- minor bugfixes & improvements

Pushsafer iMessage Sticker iOS

iOS, Android APP V2.4.1 & V2.4.2
2019-10-08 ↴

- show location marker in map (iOS)
- Fixed issue with receiving push-notifications & scrolling on iOS 13
- Fixed issue with device registration on iOS <= 9.3.3
- minor bugfixes & improvements (iOS & Android)

2019-10-02 ↴

All API calls that were made with this account are displayed. If the message has not yet been deleted, it can be called up by clicking on the message-ID. The LOG keeps the entries ready for 7 days.

Pushsafer Android Force Start

Image Size
2019-08-08 ↴

Loading an image into the push notification is limited in time! For large images and bad Internet connection, it can happen that the image can not be loaded during this time and thus does not appear in the push notification! Reducing the image size can help! The parameter is = image size overrides the size setting in your profile!

0 = 1024 px
1 = 768 px
2 = 512 px
3 = 256 px

iOS, Android, Windows 10 Client APP V2.3.1
2019-07-08 ↴

only affects iOS, Android & Windows 10

- track location with each received push-notification > see Pushsafer API

- enhanced the pushsafer:// url scheme (open preferences, settings, search, register guest devices)

Anrdoid Client APP V2.2.3
2019-05-23 ↴

affects Android versions >=8
- fix issue: not all notification categories / channels were displayed (Sound 0-60)

Force Start: Option for Anrdoid
2019-05-19 ↴

This setting only affects Android devices and is required by some devices to receive the push-notification

Pushsafer Android Force Start

Anrdoid Client APP V2.2.2
2019-04-06 ↴

affects Android versions <6
Fixed issue below:

Pushsafer issue

Timezones - Server side update
2019-04-05 ↴

The system has been updated with current time zone data! In some cases, the time zone must be reset in the profile.

iOS, Android & WIN 10 Client V2.2.1
2019-03-12 ↴

- Guest-Devices / QR code enhancment with predefined device names, for assigning the device to your system
- display the Device-ID in Client-APPs
- option for playing sound or vibrate, when app is open (Android, iOS)
- add date & time to the Pushsafer Widget (iOS)
- remove Dashboard, Profile button in Preferences (WIN10 because of restrictions by Microsoft)
- minor bugfixes

2019-02-25 ↴

In the profile settings, you can now specify a callback URL. Perfect for setting up automatisms after a push message has been sent or a new device has been registered.

Read Message API
2018-08-21 ↴

from now you can use the read message API to retrive all messages of a device included all parameters.

WINDOWS 10 Icon-Color, Priority Frame Color
2018-08-17 ↴

From now you can send colored icons with your push-notifications under Windows 10. Simply pass the parameter c
with the desired hexadecimal color value. In addition, the icon is framed in red with a priority of 2 and framed in yellow with a priority of 1.

Windows 10 colored Icons

Serverside update
2018-08-15 ↴

update email alias and link/e-mail creator with new parameters

iOS, Android & WIN 10 Client V2.1.1
2018-08-14 ↴

- add URL Scheme pushsafer:// (iOS, Android)
- resend push-notifications (new parameter retry re & expire ex)
- Reply to messages (new parameter answer a)
- add Priority to Client APP
- Widget: add Icon Color & Priority (iOS, Android)
- Preferences: set Priority Highlight Color, Font size, Refresh message list on warmstart
- add priority and answer parameter to message filter
- new notification sounds (smart home sentences, only iOS & Android)
- Design adjustments
- minor bugfixes

Priority parameter
2018-07-12 ↴

Now a priority parameter pr can be set for push notifications. See API description.

2018-02-20 ↴

Base64 Encoder/Decoder, HTML Encoder/Decoder, URL Encoder/Decoder and JSON Formatter are available now.

Pushsafer Tools

2018-02-16 ↴

Image to Data URL (Base64) Converter and Icon-Image Creator are available now.

Pushsafer Tools

Pushsafer Image Creator Examples

Changeover from device to account-based payment
2018-02-05 ↴

All available API calls from previously purchased device quotas have been aggregated and stored in your account.

Purchases are now credited to your account. All registered devices use the account quota.

Buy Pushsafer API  calls

Moving to a cloud server
2018-01-05 ↴

To be able to offer best performance now and in the future, Pushsafer has moved to a new cloud server.

  • Data center: Telehouse
  • Server location: Frankfurt a. Main

The premium data center in Frankfurt am Main in Germany is characterized by high availability, high reliability, PCI DSS compliance, ISO / IEC 27001: 2013 and the use of 100% green electricity.

Server side update
2017-12-14 ↴

- Add the option to summerize push-notifications (Inbox Stacking, only Android)

iOS Client V2.0.2
2017-11-20 ↴

- optimized user interface for iPhone x

iOS, Android & WIN 10 Client V2.0.1
2017-11-18 ↴

- Improved reading of messages in offline mode
- add message search and filter (icon, color)
- option to add app to autostart
- minor bugfixes

Server side update
2017-11-03 ↴

- add LED notification (only Android, device needs a RGB-Notification-LED)
- with the parameter c for icon color, you also can set the LED Notification color

Server side update
2017-10-28 ↴

- add new API Parameter Icon Color c to control the color of the icons

Android Client V1.0.7
2017-10-20 ↴

- minor bug fixes

Windows 10 Client V1.0.8
2017-10-19 ↴

- registering guest-devices
- new icons for push-notifications
- minor bug fixes

iOS, Android Client V1.0.6
2017-10-17 ↴

- registering guest-devices
- Android & iOS: new icons & sounds for push-notifications available
- Android: fixed scrolling issue on various devices
- Android: add app to autostart
- minor bug fixes

Server side update
2017-02-24 ↴

- add a new API for reading device list and check for valid private key

iOS Client V1.0.5
2016-12-08 ↴

- add widget in the Today screen
- minor bugfixes

Android Client V1.0.5
2016-12-04 ↴

- add 2 home screen widgets, list with last 5 notifications (min 2x2), last Notification / Alarm Icon (1x1)
- minor bugfixes

iOS, Android & WIN 10 Client V1.0.4
2016-11-17 ↴

- option to delete all or selected messages
- advanced settings for sharing and clipboard
- minor bugfixes

iOS, Android & WIN 10 Client V1.0.3
2016-10-30 ↴

- add the possibility to secure the preferences page with a pin
- fix issue with small icons in push notifications
- minor bugfixes

iOS, Android & WIN 10 Client V1.0.2
2016-10-07 ↴

- Add Action Buttons for Push Notifications (delete message, open image or link directly out of the push-notification)
- minor Bugfixes

Server side update
2016-09-29 ↴

- send up to 3 images with each push-notification, the first one is displayed in the push-notification, all 3 can be opend in the client APP

Server side update
2016-07-03 ↴

- possibility to create device groups

Server side update
2016-06-28 ↴

- Web Push-Notification for Chrome 50+ and Firefox 46+

Server side update
2016-06-14 ↴

- embedded Email Gateway

Android Client V1.0.1
2016-06-08 ↴

- minor bugfixes

Initial release V1.0.0
2016-06-06 ↴

- with Android & iOS App

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