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Send Push-Notifications by to iOS, Android and Windows 10 devices out of OpenMotics Open source home automation platform

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For packaging and publishing the pushsafer plugin to OpenMotics follow this instructions:


config_description = [{'name': 'privatekey',
                       'type': 'str',
                       'description': 'Your private or alias key from'},
                      {'name': 'input_id',
                       'type': 'int',
                       'description': 'The ID of the input that will trigger the event.'},
                      {'name': 'title',
                       'type': 'str',
                       'description': 'The title of the message.'},
                      {'name': 'message',
                       'type': 'str',
                       'description': 'The message to be send.'}
                       {'name': 'device',
                       'type': 'str',
                       'description': 'The device or device group id where the message to be send.'}
                       {'name': 'icon',
                       'type': 'str',
                       'description': 'The icon which is displayed with the message (a number 1-98).'}
                       {'name': 'sound',
                       'type': 'str',
                       'description': 'The notification sound of message (a number 0-28 or empty).'}
                       {'name': 'vibration',
                       'type': 'str',
                       'description': 'How often the device should vibrate (a number 1-3 or empty).'}]

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