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2023-12-15 ↴

written by Edgar Miranda from Panama, Device/Platform: Samsung Galaxy A21s (Android 12 SDK 31)
We were having problems with our in-house notification app when we found Pushsafer. Now we just worry about our service and let all the complexity of notification to Pushsafer. It's easy to use, full of features, their API is friendly and their support is a message away and they deliver fast. Would recommed to others.

2023-10-23 ↴

written by Offhamburg1980 from Germany, Device/Platform: iOS
My alarm system has an app but without critical information and so I don't get any information at night if I'm not at home. Now I have forwarded this email that comes when there is an alarm and set up an alias and can cancel the connection to Securitas for 250 euros. Thanks to the programmer!

2023-09-21 ↴

written by kgzjhgj from Germany, Device/Platform: iOS
Addendum 5/30/2023 The support for the app is simply top class. The operator never leaves the user out in the rain and always tries to help. For me it's still one of the best apps with an infinite number of possible uses and no failures to this day. Thank you very much Kevin. ???? I use Pushsafer in combination with ioBroker. I think it's awesome, especially the many options you have. Registration, integration into ioBroker, assistance, forum just great. It's fun to create your push messages. This is how Push gets the right drive. Many thanks to the developer and operator. PS: And the shipping speed is also mega. ???? Kind regards Fabio

2023-05-23 ↴

written by Joao Paulo from Portugal, Device/Platform: Samsung Galaxy A03 (Android 13 SDK 33)
What a great piece of software. It evens makes me sleep better knowing that if something goes wrong on my server i`ll get a real time notification. :)

2023-05-15 ↴

written by nicolas lhomet from France, Device/Platform: Google Pixel 7 (Android 13 SDK 33)
Good but I have a persistent bug. I want to mute the notifications, but even when I change the settings, press "done", the settings don't save

Comment Pushsafer
Hi, please contact the support! From where you want to mute the notifications? There are different ways to do that! Regards Kevin
2023-04-09 ↴

written by Rayan FELLAH from France, Device/Platform: ???

2023-03-09 ↴

written by Frank Dimichele from USA, Device/Platform: LGE LG G7 ThinQ (Android 9 SDK 28)
Works well for alerts for pc apps

2023-02-17 ↴

written by Dipendente2 T. from Italy, Device/Platform: Samsung Galaxy A71 (Android 13 SDK 33)
Excellent, for small activities it is ok.

2023-02-09 ↴

written by Marco Fait from Germany, Device/Platform: Redmi Note 11 Pro (Android 12 SDK 31)
Very good app

2023-01-31 ↴

written by Volker Piasta from Panama, Device/Platform: Samsung Galaxy A02s (Android 12 SDK 31)
I started using Pushsafer after noticing some of Pushbullet's shortcomings. If you don't have much experience with APIs, it's very difficult to understand how to set up a web application with Pushbullet. The documentation is incomplete and confusing at best, there is no way to contact a helpdesk, and there doesn't appear to be a user forum. Not so with pushsafer. They have excellent documentation with ready-to-use examples in various programming languages including PHP & js

2022-12-25 ↴

written by Howie from Germany, Device/Platform: Samsung Galaxy S8 (Android 9 SDK 28)
Works reliably

2022-12-07 ↴

written by Daniel BP from USA, Device/Platform: Samsung Galaxy S10e (Android 12 SDK 31)
Does perfectly what it was designed for but lacks other ways of notifying users like Telegram, WhatsApp, SMS, etc...

Comment Pushsafer
I will consider a WhatsApp and/or Telegram integration an put it on my todo list.

Update: 2022-12-25 Now you can send messages, images and URLs to Telegram
2022-11-06 ↴

written by Johann B. from France, Device/Platform: Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G (Android 12 SDK 31)
Reliable and easy to use

2022-09-27 ↴

written by Patrick De Bruyne from Netherlands, Device/Platform: Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 Android 12L (SDK 32)
working perfect with Python

2022-09-11 ↴

written by joan schutte from Netherlands, Device/Platform: Samsung Galaxy A52 Android 12 (SDK 31)
Works well in combination with Homey Home Automation

2022-08-21 ↴

written by Sebi from Germany, Device/Platform: Google Pixel 4 Android 12L (SDK 32)
I've been using it for my smart home for years. I haven't found anything similar, but I'm not looking anymore either because Pushsafer meets 100% of expectations.

2022-08-15 ↴

written by hub altkirch from France, Device/Platform: Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017)Android 8 (SDK 28)
Does its job could be more intuitive, ringtone setting etc.

Comment Pushsafer
Thanks for the feedback! What exactly do you mean by "could be more intuitive, ringtone setting"
2022-07-30 ↴

written by Alex Pose from Spain, Device/Platform: Redmi Note 9 Android 11 (SDK 30)
Super easy to use, with lots of options and very easy to integrate with Python.

2022-07-24 ↴

written by Wetter Maxe from Germany, Device/Platform: iOS
I use the app in connection with my HomeMatic environment and iPhone. It does what it's supposed to do and has something for everyone when it comes to setting it up. Beginners can get started right away, professionals can configure deep in scripts. And if something is not clear or you are dependent on support, you will receive top support immediately. Clear recommendations for this app.

2022-06-20 ↴

written by Bruno Scimia from Italy, Device/Platform: Android 12 (SDK 31)
Great app and excellent support. Thanks to Kevin

Comment Pushsafer
I hope that Pushsafer now works properly with the current ContaCam version.
2022-06-17 ↴

written by FS GmbH from Switzerland, Device/Platform: iOS
This app is one of the useful apps that represent real added value. Subscription prices (number of push messages) are cheap in my opinion. The app has numerous setting options and has been programmed really professionally. A compliment to the makers and the operators. Keep at it and don't rest on your laurels too much. smile ...

Comment Pushsafer
Thank you for your positive feedback! I won't rest :-)
2022-04-29 ↴

written by sharlyleb from France, Device/Platform: iOS
Excellent application and server this very complete and so easy to use. Congratulation!

2022-04-19 ↴

written by Richard Johnson from USA, Device/Platform: Samsung Galaxy Note10+ 5G (Android 12)
Works well. And is low overhead for small devices

2022-04-08 ↴

written by Markus Jungnickel from Germany, Device/Platform: ---
Works great with ioBroker/blockly together. Depending on the power usage of my washing machine, I will get notified via pushsafer, when it is done! Minor annoyance: You should be able to create groups even with only one device registered, so you don't have to change IDs again, when you finally get around to add more devices.

Comment Pushsafer
Hello and thanks for your feedback! But it makes no sense to have a group with only one device. Why you have to change ID's and where you want to change them? Can you explain a little more! Please write a mail to the support. Thanks Kevin
2022-04-07 ↴

written by Izaak Burggraaf from France, Device/Platform: Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G (Android 12.0)
App works fine. Some research but the support responds adequately. You do have to buy API calls, but 1000 calls for EUR 0.99 is a bargain. Clear website with many possibilities.

2022-03-18 ↴

written by David 68 from France, Device/Platform: Xiaomi 11T Pro (Android 11.0)
The French translation is missing You would be welcome

Comment Pushsafer
Thanks for your feedback! With the next update we will add france translation.
2022-02-14 ↴

written by JMeh-Her from Germany, Device/Platform: iOS
Great API, wrote a small Tcl program that allows me to report specific incoming emails directly to my iOS devices.

2022-01-19 ↴

written by Thomse Roskilde from Denmark, Device/Platform: iOS
the best Push App I have tried. try it and you will not choose another Push app afterwards

2022-01-01 ↴

written by Heiko Jäger from Germany, Device/Platform: Samsung Galaxy A5 (Android 8.0)
Great for any IOT application!

2021-12-17 ↴

written by David Sissaoui from France, Device/Platform: Cat S41 (Android 8.0)
Very practical and does its job super well in a simple way!

2021-12-06 ↴

written by Krasen Kolev from Germany, Device/Platform: Google Pixel 3a XL (Android 12.0)
Great application and the creator responds very quickly!

2021-12-06 ↴

written by George Diakakis from Greece, Device/Platform: Samsung Galaxy A8 (Android 9.0)
Very reliable service!

2021-11-25 ↴

written by electro dom info from France, Device/Platform: iOS
Great application, works great with domoticz. The after-sales service is also very responsive.

2021-11-24 ↴

written by Marc Stieglitz from Germany, Device/Platform: iOS
Fully fulfills its purpose. Simple operation and reliable alarming. Use the app to receive messages from my fire alarm system on your mobile phone.

2021-11-19 ↴

written by Fabrizio Conte from Italy, Device/Platform: Samsung Galaxy A50 (Android 11.0)
I've been using it for months without experiencing any problem. Very useful and affordable.

2021-11-02 ↴

written by Khairul Amri from Indonesia, Device/Platform: POCO X3 NFC (Android 10.0)
Great app!

2021-10-27 ↴

written by Jens Chr Brynildsen from Norway, Device/Platform: Huawei P30 Pro (Android 10.0)
Great service! Easy to implement & good documentation. Could need som UI help, but it just works.

Comment Pushsafer
Thanks for your feedback! What help you need? Please contact our support!
2021-09-17 ↴

written by Fernando Perez from Spain, Device/Platform: Android 10.0
Excellent !!!

2021-08-12 ↴

written by Florian LANCIAL from France, Device/Platform: Android 11.0
Wonderfull app, very user friendly. And if you have any problem with the app, you can easily contact the support by mail or whatsapp, they will answer you very quickly.

2021-06-26 ↴

written by Frank Bruening from Germany, Device/Platform: Android 10.0
Really well done. Stay faithful.

2021-06-09 ↴

written by Daverstacker from USA, Device/Platform: iOS
I use this app alongside the Pushsafer API and it is reliable and full of great features! My only feature request at this time would be for a sort option in the main alerts view; some useful sorts would be by priority, date and alert message/text.

2021-05-28 ↴

written by Matthieu Sirlin from France, Device/Platform: Samsung Galaxy S20+ 5G (Android 11.0)
Hello, is it possible to make the application ring even when the cell phone is in vibrate mode?

Comment Pushsafer
yes, use the setting "override do not disturb". You can set up this functionallity in the app settings discribed here!
2021-05-27 ↴

written by Sulaiman Alherbish from Saudi Arabia, Device/Platform: Android 11.0
Best app ever, it's so helpful to make your life easier, I like it so much

2021-05-22 ↴

written by Onur KARAÇAL from Turkey, Device/Platform: Samsung Galaxy Note10 Lite Android 10.0
An application with all the functions you want. The only problem I see is that notifications are displayed incorrect in the Android app.

Comment Pushsafer
Thanks for your feedback! Please write an email to the support with your problem, they will help your!

2021-05-12 ↴

written by Techno Automation Ashish Patel from India, Device/Platform: Samsung Galaxy M31 Android 11.0
Cool App!

2021-05-12 ↴

written by Robert Côté from France, Device/Platform: Samsung Galaxy A5(2017) Android 8.0
Very useful and works great

2021-04-18 ↴

written by Matrox from France, Device/Platform: Android 10.0
very good!

2021-04-05 ↴

written by exirn from Germany, Device/Platform: iOS
Simple to use!

2021-03-24 ↴

written by Nikola Asmeni from Italy, Device/Platform: OnePlus6 Android 10.0
I loved so much. Great service. Work perfect with Blue Iris and IFTTT

2021-03-10 ↴

written by Jean-michel Maslard from France, Device/Platform: Android 6.0 (SDK 23)

2021-03-10 ↴

written by SirKnite from USA, Device/Platform: iOS
After spending another three hours reading and trying to understand what it is and how to use the API I am really impressed on what I will be able to do with it. Would be four stars if better descriptions were given in the initial interface to the site home page.

2021-03-02 ↴

written by Tiorda from Germany, Device/Platform: iOS
In combination with Node-Red + Pycom unbeatable simply 5 stars.

Easy to set up - there is enough help in the forum and on the Internet. The developer adjusts packages promptly (in our case within a few hours) so that we can import the hotfix during operation. Excellent! Push prices are definitely justified with such good service.

2021-02-25 ↴

written by Qara2003 from Germany, Device/Platform: iOS
Completely uncomplicated setup. Highly recommended.

2021-02-13 ↴

written by Makrus Wolf from Germany, Device/Platform: Samsung Galaxy A50 (Android 10)
Super APP

2021-02-12 ↴

written by Daniele Scasciafratte from Italy, Device/Platform: --- (Android 10)
Perfect, the UI needs a refresh to be aligned with the latest version but I also discovered that is possible to change the notification sounds with a custom one. I am very happy with that!

2021-02-08 ↴

written by Ghiban Constantin from Romania, Device/Platform: Samsung Galaxy S8+ (Android 9)
Good app!

2021-02-04 ↴

written by Harry R. from Great Britain, Device/Platform: Motorola moto g(7) power (Android 10)
Great responsive support. Flexible API. Superb value, highly recommend this as a multi platform messaging solution.

2021-01-30 ↴

written by VKPrimus from Germany, Device/Platform: iOS
I've been an avid user of this app for years. What is particularly noteworthy is the communication and the prompt support from the developer. Thanks for the great app.

2021-01-21 ↴

written by iFischT from USA, Device/Platform: iOS
This is by far the best notification app available. It is very much an “expert mode” application, but not hard for a non-developer to use as well. So many options to customize alerts just the way you need. Developer is very responsive and active in development.

2021-01-12 ↴

written by W Koenig from Germany, Device/Platform: OnePlus 7T (Android 10)
This is a great service that I use with ioBroker. It was very easy to set up and I got an answer promptly if I had any questions. The price is absolutely fair. And best of all - the data stays in the country and is not logged by Facebook & Co.

2021-01-09 ↴

written by Saltcedar from USA, Device/Platform: iOS
Too powerful! Only need it to send 1 sms to 1 I-device and can’t make it work.

Comment Pushsafer
Please contact our support they will help!
2020-12-28 ↴

written by gt-br from Brazil, Device/Platform: iOS
Very useful for ESP and Arduino developers!
Very easy to integrate notifications into your ESP or arduino apps. Very responsive support by Whatsapp.

2020-11-25 ↴

written by Hans-Peter H. from Switzerland, Device/Platform: Samsung Galaxy Galaxy S10 (Android 10)
Super Tool, works like charme

2020-11-22 ↴

written by jsdscubaman from USA, Device/Platform: iOS
This is my very first time playing with arduino. Like today is the first day. I have two arduino boards one with Ethernet and the other WiFi as server/client. Then I decided it would be cool to see if I could push a notification to my phone and computer and I found your app. I will be trying this out a lot more. So far it all works. Thanks

2020-11-01 ↴

written by Yusuf M. from Germany, Device/Platform: Samsung Galaxy Note10+ (Android 10)
The APP is so useful in the area of surveillance camera notification in my case go1984, I am missing all the words for it! A great support team. They helped me wherever they could. It was a case for me that I bought the product, but actually such a help support really belongs to paid for. Personally, I have no inner peace, the Pushsafer team was there for me for everything! KEVIN Thanks ... Will buy API again soon with the hope that you will accept my thank you!

2020-10-22 ↴

written by olicraps from Belgium, Device/Platform: iOS
Very good app, i tried a lot of similar apps and Pushsafer just perfectly matched our needs. Its pricing is also very interesting.

2020-09-23 ↴

written by Carlos A. P. L. from Mexico, Device/Platform: Redmi Note 5 Pro (Android 9)
It works for me! Totally recommended!

2020-09-21 ↴

written by Phil S. from Australia, Device/Platform: Samsung Galaxy S20+ (Android 10)
Love the app, offers versatile usage. Would like to see a dark/night mode option. And the option to keep selected messages from being deleted. Alternatively the option to export selected messages to file/email. Thanks

Comment Pushsafer
Thanks for your feedback! Night/Day mode is already on our todo list. Export selected message is a nice idea and will also implemented with the next update!
2020-09-01 ↴

written by Atib D... from Italy, Device/Platform: OnePlus 6 (Android 10.0)
Great app for blueiris and ip camera. It help me safe lot of time in configuring push notification without having dedicated and heavy app

2020-08-16 ↴

written by eenhebruiker from Netherlands, Device/Platform: iOS
I installed the app before the critical alert option was available. But in settings ->pushsafer -> notifications is no option to enable the critical alerts. Even when this option has been turned on in the app. I guess a reinstall would do the job, but i need to sign-in again. And i don’t have time for that, although i had time to write this review.

Comment Pushsafer
Hello, after installing the update, you should see the new feature critical alerts in the iOS app settings of pushsafer! If not, try a device reboot and/or reinstall the app!
2020-08-07 ↴

written by Earn R... from USA, Device/Platform: HUAWEI P30 (Android 10.0)
I like this app,very very quick response from trigger, but why not a one-time payment?

Comment Pushsafer
Thanks for your feedback! We value fast and secure data processing (hardware/server) and give the best possible support and respond to user requests! This can not be achieved with a one-time payment!
2020-07-30 ↴

written by Dominik R... from Germany, Device/Platform: Samsung Galaxy Note8 (Android 9.0)
Top app - the prices for the API calls are fair. The only thing that bothers me is that only the 30 latest messages are available. I would like a bigger history and not just the last couple of reports.

Comment Pushsafer
Hello Dominik, thank you for your feedback! You can check up to 100 messages in your history. You can find the setting in your profile on the right.
2020-07-27 ↴

written by Wim K... from Netherlands, Device/Platform: Motorola Moto G (5th Gen Android 8.1)
After a little training, it works perfectly!

2020-07-17 ↴

written by Edvard G... from Croatia, Device/Platform: Samsung Galaxy S7 (Android 8.0)
Works perfectly!

2020-07-14 ↴

written by Andreas L... from Germany, Device/Platform: Samsung Galaxy A3 (Anroid 8.0)
Very well done

2020-07-09 ↴

written by Jordy from Belgium, Device/Platform: Window 10 PC
Pushsafer strongly advised for your notifications! Just as good as the iOS/Android app and website! I strongly advise to use pushsafer to push notifications to devices.

2020-06-15 ↴

written by Claus W... from Germany, Device/Platform: Google Pixel 3a (Android 10.0)
Everything works great. Support super fast if there are any questions.

2020-06-14 ↴

written by Craig M... from USA, Device/Platform: Samsung Galaxy A20e (Android 10.0)
Works exactly as described and expected.

2020-04-24 ↴

written by Jens I... from Sweden, Device/Platform: Samsung Galaxy S7 (Anroid 8.0)
Good API, easy to use. Works as a charm!

2020-03-15 ↴

written by you-live you-selection from Poland, Device/Platform: LG G5 SE (Android 7.0)

2020-02-19 ↴

written by ofmore from Argentina, Device/Platform: iOS
Just love it. Seems to be a very good App

2020-02-17 ↴

written by Hallo Ich from Germany, Device/Platform: Samsung Galaxy S9 (Android 10.0)
Hello. This app actually works pretty well. Since Android 10, the notifications have not been so well received. Would be nice if this is fixed again with the next update. Which would also not be bad if the system time when the message is created in the Homematic can also be included in the message. Since there is only the time when the message arrives on the mobile phone and the time offset is a few minutes. greetings

Comment Pushsafer
It's up to your device or Android. - Deactivate battery optimization - Allow background data - Make sure that "WIFI" or data connection is always active - Delete Pushsafer APP cache The time stamp does not come from the receipt, but when Pushsafer received it. If you have any further problems, please contact support!
2020-02-14 ↴

written by Frederic C... from Germany, Device/Platform: Huawei P20Pro (Android 9.0)
Geo tracking should be able to be deactivated in the settings. The prices are on the homepage, but cannot be found immediately. You have to get to the FAQs first. Should be right at the front. It would also be helpful to have a better overview of the answers, perhaps a list view. Otherwise it looks pretty good so far. Update: and that someone replies to the rating is still worth a star

Comment Pushsafer
Hello, thank you very much for your pointers. We will take this into account in the next update. GeoLocation Trackin can be turned off without any problems. To do this, go to the settings in the Pushsafer APP, scroll all the way down and press the "Open app settings" button. Then deactivate in the Permissions> Geolocation area!
2020-02-05 ↴

written by A Google User from Australia, Device/Platform: Samsung Galaxy S8 (Android 9.0)
Fantastic App/service Works well...

2020-01-02 ↴

written by Schnuffy duffy from Germany, Device/Platform: Samsung Galaxy S9 (Android 9.0)

2019-12-28 ↴

written by Zoltán F... from Hungary, Device/Platform: LG Q7 (Android 8.1)
Simple and powerful

2019-10-26 ↴

written by HUBERT G... from France, Device/Platform: Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ (Android 7.0)
Great app, works great

2019-10-13 ↴

written by Peter B... from Netherlands, Device/Platform: Samsung Galaxy S5 mini (Android 6.0)
Works without problems for me!

2019-09-30 ↴

written by Green Hantiz from USA, Device/Platform: Mi A2 Lite (Android 9.0)
Sometimes I get disconnected.

Comment Pushsafer
Hello, please write an mail to the support, and disribe what happend.
2019-09-08 ↴

written by Gert E... from Netherlands, Device/Platform: Samsung Galaxy S10+ (Android 9.0)
Perfect tool for notifications from my home automation, like domoticz. With excellent support.

2019-08-17 ↴

written by Jean-Roger C... from France, Device/Platform: OnePlus6T (Android 9.0)
Finally, great instant notifications! It works great! Perfect with Domoticz.

2019-08-09 ↴

written by Silvio A... from Germany, Device/Platform: Samsung Galaxy S8+ (Android 9.0)
I can finally see a picture on my Gear S 3 Frontier send as email from my ip camera on movement. This app is great. If there are problems, the developer is there immediately and tries to solve this problem with success. Push notification instantly show a picture, this also works well with mobile connections. If there were more stars I'd give a thousand stars. Thanks again to the investigator for the quick help.

2019-07-25 ↴

written by A Google User from USA, Device/Platform: Google Pixel 3 (Android 9.0)
it had some flows in the past but now i use it with confidence for my home automations alerts!

2019-07-24 ↴

written by Christoph from Germany, Device/Platform: HUAWEI Mate 20 Pro (Android 9)
Top app for individual notifications from homematic, ioBroker ...

2019-06-25 ↴

written by Ivo van G... from Netherlands, Device/Platform: Sony Xperia Z5 Premium (Android 7.1)
Do what it should!

2019-06-15 ↴

written by mombes from Canada, Device/Platform: Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 (Android 6.0)

2019-05-27 ↴

written by Frank van der S... from Netherlands, Device/Platform: Samsung Galaxy S9 (Android 9.0)
Very nice push notification system. Support is good and fast: an issue (BBcode) was solved within a few hours!

2019-05-24 ↴

written by Wolfgang N... from Germany, Device/Platform: Samsung Galaxy S6 (Android 7.0)
Works perfectly. Very fast transfer.

2019-05-10 ↴

written by Oliver V... from Germany, Device/Platform: Huawei P20Pro (Android 9.0)
App works inconspicuously and reliably. I use it to get notifications from my smart home via ioBroker. Pushsafer allows different sounds and images per notification, you can see immediately what is going on. The support is also great and helps quickly and competently with questions

2019-04-19 ↴

written by Gerd S... from Germany, Device/Platform: Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini (Android 4.4)
After the last update I had problems with my slightly older Android version. Short mail to the developer. A new update was available within 24 hours. Everything is going perfectly again. That’s a great service.

2019-04-10 ↴

written by Erkr12 from Netherlands, Device/Platform: iOS
Simple service, but... The good: Easy to set up, simple to use. The bad: The app on my iPhone only works great for a few days and then I have to re-enter my credentials and app preferences. Very annoying that the app loses its settings!

Comment Pushsafer
this issue was fixed within the last update
2019-04-03 ↴

written by Circle of 3 from Australia, Device/Platform: iOS
Brilliant replacement for IFTTT push notifications. When Google shut down access to IFTTT for push messaging this app became our saviour. Much more solid than what we had before and reliable. Pricing is workable for scaling.

2019-03-26 ↴

written by fricor Handy from Germany, Device/Platform: Samsung Galaxy S7 (Android 8)
super App

2019-03-17 ↴

written by Nav786te from Ireland, Device/Platform: iOS
Awesome! This application is truly does what I was looking for. Specially now it’s very easy to register and link accounts on my website with devices. Thanks for your recent update.

2019-03-08 ↴

written by Jan Van Der W... from Netherlands, Device/Platform: SONY Xperia Arc HD Nozomi (Android 5.0)
Reliable push service at a good price.

2019-02-25 ↴

written by Remo from Germany, Device/Platform: Huawei nova lite (Android 8)
Great app, fair prices and it just works. Many possibilities shown to create a quick configuration. Simple and clear operation as well as management of devices and settings. Perfect

2019-02-19 ↴

written by Hardeep S... from Australia, Device/Platform: Blu VIVO 5R (Android 7.0)
really useful and cost effective

2019-02-18 ↴

written by Michael C... from GB, Device/Platform: Google Pixel XL (Android 8.1)
would give 5 stars if gui was prettier

Comment Pushsafer
what does a UI look like to make you happy?
2019-02-17 ↴

written by A Google User from Poland, Device/Platform: Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 (Androi 6)
all you need it's pushsafer

2019-01-28 ↴

written by Marek M... from Poland, Device/Platform: Samsung Galaxy S7 (Android 7)
Very good application.

2019-01-20 ↴

written by Martin M... from Italiy, Device/Platform: OnePlus One (Android 6.0)
Great to use, low price, but it requires a Material Design style UI overhaul, now you can't really see it.

Comment Pushsafer
Hello, and thanks for your review.
UI has already been revised.

2019-01-14 ↴

written by Hervé from France, Device/Platform: Window 10 PC
Perfect for my personal use. Great application, allowing me via my domoticz software to automatically receive alerts on my mobile phone in case of different events at home when I am away. The setup was long and difficult, especially to find the right URLs of my cameras so that photos via my different cameras can be attached on my messages, but once everything is well configured, this application is thunder. We'll just regret that the reloads of messages are paid for later, but it's worth a little refills from time to time, because it comes back to me on average between 1 and 2 euros per month depending on the number of notifications to be sent (between 20 and 30 per day).

2019-01-10 ↴

written by ism9699 from South Africa, Device/Platform: iOS
Super app and support! Being using Pushsafer for a few months. Can't beat it for functionality. Developer support is also top notch.

2019-01-09 ↴

written by steinunnn from Island, Device/Platform: Window 10 PC

2018-12-22 ↴

written by Terri A... from USA, Device/Platform: ZTE BLade Zmax (Android 7.1)
Outstanding, interesting and positive app for sending push-notifications

2018-12-22 ↴

written by A Google User from France, Device/Platform: Samsung Galaxy 8 (Android 8.0)
Very Good.

2018-12-19 ↴

written by Mario L... from Germany, Device/Platform: OUKITEL U10 (Android 6.1)
TOP, does exactly what it should.

2018-12-17 ↴

written by David W... from GB, Device/Platform: Samsung Galaxy S7 edge (Android 8.0)
Awesome app and super reliable. Easy intergration into 3rd party and systems, highly recommended.

2018-12-07 ↴

written by Joachim L... from Germany, Device/Platform: Samsung Galaxy A5 (Android 8.0)
Runs great!

2018-11-28 ↴

written by Neo SpiritHawk from Germany, Device/Platform: Huawei P20Pro (Android 8.1)
Hmmm .... everything works as it should in combination with ioBroker but what I don't like is that you can only buy additional API calls via PayPal, why not directly via the app? Well use the remaining API calls to test and then take a look. But the best thing is that you don't have to pay monthly, hopefully it stays that way

2018-11-24 ↴

written by Jogendra K... from India, Device/Platform: Acer GT-810 (Android 7.1)
It's a perfect solution for cloud messaging.

2018-10-10 ↴

written by A Google User from France, Device/Platform: Blackview BV9000 Pro-F (Android 7.1)
Easy to implement. Now I'm going to test. Very good impression

2018-08-25 ↴

written by Kim A... from USA, Device/Platform: Samsung Galaxy S7 (Android 8.0)
Easy peasy

2018-07-28 ↴

written by Carlos M... from Brasilia, Device/Platform: Samsung Galaxy S9+ (Android 8)
Developer is a rock star responds quickly and the notification just works.
Interface on Android is a bit old school but does what it says.

Comment Pushsafer
Thanks for the feedback! UI has been already revised.
2018-07-23 ↴

written by Cee-Mon from Switzerland, Device/Platform: iOS
Great! I've looked at many similar services and Pushsafer has by far the best price / performance ratio for push notifications without having to build your own app. Thank you so much!

2018-07-01 ↴

written by Lanoph from Germany, Device/Platform: iOS
Unbeatable! This app complements the functionality of all home automation and monitoring functions 100%. The use is mega simple and very versatile. The programmer is always available to answer user questions. You just notice that the APP is "Made in Germany". I can only recommend it.

2018-06-16 ↴

written by Ism A... from New Zealand, Device/Platform: Samsung Galaxy Note8 (Android 8.0)
Great app. Works well with Control4 home automation driver.

2018-06-05 ↴

written by A Google User from Germany, Device/Platform: Samsung Galaxy S7 (Android 8.0)
Use it with Domoticz. Everything great.

2018-04-26 ↴

written by A Google User from Italy, Device/Platform: Huawei Mate 9 (Android 8)
Very flexible and with low operating costs.

2018-04-25 ↴

written by Marius K... from Germany, Device/Platform: OnePlus3 (Android 8.1)
Very good. I built a baby monitor with a Raspi and use pushsafer to notify me. Let me send the link to the stream from the baby monitor. It works great, the notifications are retained until you open it, unlike the "push*****" app, it works a lot much lost. But please revise the design of the app.

Comment Pushsafer
Thanks for your feedback! UI has been already revised.
2018-04-20 ↴

written by Zampanow from Germany, Device/Platform: iOS
It has to be recognized that the app is quite a comprehensive tool. There's a lot of development work going into that. It's good that you can test the functions for free first. For me, the tested functions worked quickly and stably. But what bothers me is that all messages go unencrypted via a cloud and are stored there for a while, that users and devices have to be registered for recognition and billing, so that you are not really anonymous. You have to put a lot of trust in the provider. In this context, I ask myself why (according to data protection declaration) Google Analytics is allowed to sniff along here again - not a trust-building measure for me.

Comment Pushsafer
Hello and thank you for your review. However, your statements are not correct. All data is transmitted in encrypted form. Nothing is sent or saved to a cloud. After the message has been sent to Pushsafer via a secure https (SSL) connection, this message is sent directly to Apple (for iOS devices) (also via a secure connection) so that the push message can be delivered. The push ID, which is required for sending, must be saved by Pushsafer so that the messages can be delivered. However, this ID cannot be used to recognize any user or device. The ID is generated randomly when the APP is called! Google Analytics is not used in the APP, only on the website. Only anonymous user data (such as browser, duration of visit) are evaluated here. No personal data is transmitted to Google. This functionality can be turned off and I set it that way. I hope I was able to regain your trust a little! If you have any questions about data protection or about service in general, please contact support by email.
2018-03-26 ↴

written by A Google User from Germany, Device/Platform: Samsung Galaxy S4 (Android 5.0)
Use the app with HomeMatic. Everything works out great.

2018-03-25 ↴

written by Veldkornet from Netherlands, Device/Platform: iOS
Works great! Very useful! I hope that the interface can also be updated sometime to something more modern? Some small things will also help: - Swipe left on the notification to bring up the delete button (as is in mail, messages, etc) - Is it possible to auto refresh when you open the app from being minimised so that the TimeToLives take effect immediately? - 10% of the time I receive the notification, but then it automatically disappears from my lock screen like 2 seconds later without me touching anything, also the app badge disappears. However if you open the app, it does show the new messages

Comment Pushsafer
thanks for your review! Your issues are fixed with the last update!
2018-03-15 ↴

written by Andi B... from Germany, Device/Platform: Sony Xperia Z5 (Android 7.1)
Very reliable and useful

2018-03-08 ↴

written by Jim from USA, Device/Platform: Window 10 Phone
So awesome! Love this app. Useful!

2018-03-01 ↴

written by Ludovic L... from France, Device/Platform: Samsung Galaxy A5 (Android 7.0)
Works perfect on my android phone with messages from my smarthome app

2018-02-21 ↴

written by ZPledge from Canada, Device/Platform: iOS
Great Service! Quick and easy to integrate & good price policy. Thanks.

2018-02-13 ↴

written by Heiko N... from Germany, Device/Platform: Samsung Galaxy S7 edge (Android 7.0)
Works perfect

2018-01-13 ↴

written by Heinz H... from Germany, Device/Platform: Samsung Galaxy TabS 10.5 (Android 6.0)
Everything works great

2017-12-19 ↴

written by Peter B... from Germany, Device/Platform: Motorola Moto G4 (Android 7.0)
Thanks for the excellent, personal support!

2017-11-15 ↴

written by Fortunanius S... from Netherlands, Device/Platform: Huawei Nexus 6P (Android 8.0)
With the doorbell function, the message is too late ... I use Pushsafer with Domoticz and have a message sent with a photo when the doorbell rings. The message arrives on the phone about 10 seconds later and the person at the door has already left. I've already tried everything and removed Pushsafer from battery optimization, but everything stays the same.

Comment Pushsafer
Hello, the problem is not with Pushsafer. Rather, its up to the connection of your instances. Doorbell-Domoticz-Pushsafer-Android-Smartphone. If possible, try to reduce the image size or resolution. The processing and forwarding to Google by Pushsafer is very fast. However it can take some time for Google to distribute the push-notification.
2017-11-14 ↴

written by Fritz C... from Germany, Device/Platform: Smsung Galaxy S7 (Android 7.0)
Super App

2017-11-11 ↴

written by Joep S... from Netherlands, Device/Platform: Samsung Galaxy S8+ (Android 7.0)
Simple and just works well

2017-11-07 ↴

written by Karl B... from Belgium, Device/Platform: OnePlus3T (Android 7.1)
It does a good job, but the api is awkward, and every now and then I am told that I need an internet connection even with an internet connection, especially when I have a good 4G signal - which is annoying!

Comment Pushsafer
Your problem was resolved in the last update.
2017-10-27 ↴

written by Andreas W... from Germany, Device/Platform: unknown
Setup was very quick, and the API is easy to understand. Great variety of possible devices. I would be interested in recurring alarms and longer sounds. (In case you miss the push)

Comment Pushsafer
Thanks for your feedback! Longer sound and recurring push notifications have been integrated with the last update.
2017-10-24 ↴

written by Marco R... from Germany, Device/Platform: Sony Xperia Z5 Compact (Android 7.1)
Very useful and functional app. In addition, there is super helpful support that really solves the problems. What more do you want!

2017-10-20 ↴

written by A Google User from Germany, Device/Platform: Samsung Galaxy S8 (Android 7.0)
Works great with my Homematic.

2017-10-06 ↴

written by A Google User from Germany, Device/Platform: Blackview BV2000S (Android 6.0)
Everything works fine

2017-09-26 ↴

written by Bernhard W... from Germany, Device/Platform: Samsung Galaxy S4 Active (Android 4.2)
Very useful app to get status of all possible devices remotely. If you have problems, the author will help you promptly and with commitment. Simply great!

2017-08-11 ↴

written by DOLDE DOLDE from Germany, Device/Platform: OnePlus3T (Android 7.1)
Super push app, works flawlessly and help is provided immediately if you have any questions or assistance. Seldom experienced such positive communication.

2017-05-13 ↴

written by Grant from Australia, Device/Platform: Window 10 PC
Don't know how I lived without it. especially good when combined with IFTTT.

2017-01-15 ↴

written by Toleno812 from Italy, Device/Platform: iOS
Nice app! Love this app, it's very powerful and customizable. I use it everyday!

2016-12-27 ↴

written by pL-raspi from Germany, Device/Platform: iOS
Great app everything works as it should. It works fine for me, with HomeMatic, iobroker, Raspi, etc. Service = 1 or 6 stars.

2016-12-21 ↴

written by Secko76 from Austria, Device/Platform: iOS
Push it! Finally an app that I've been looking for for a long time! do what it should! Top

2016-12-20 ↴

written by ssaffa38 from Canada, Device/Platform: iOS
Great work! I've been looking for a notification app like this! Thank you so much :)

2016-12-20 ↴

written by MATSUU LLC from Poland, Device/Platform: iOS
Great app! Really helpful. I love the idea

2016-12-12 ↴

written by Chanti from Germany, Device/Platform: Window 10 Phone
Simply great! I use in connection with ccu2 and fhem. Let me be notified of all events in this way. Works perfectly!

2016-11-22 ↴

written by contextant from Russia, Device/Platform: iOS
Good app! I use it to send notifications from my laptop to my tablet

2016-11-20 ↴

written by Gregor Z... from Slovenia, Device/Platform: iOS
Great! Awesome app worth downloading!

2016-11-13 ↴

written by Carl_1337 from USA, Device/Platform: iOS
Best app in town! This app is very well designed and engineered for its purpose and I use it with many of my IOT devices. Well done!

2016-11-06 ↴

written by DougMT55 from USA, Device/Platform: iOS
Great potential! Functionality and practicality is very strong. Takes some time to get familiar with but very good potential!

2016-11-02 ↴

written by goodies79 from USA, Device/Platform: iOS
Great App! Very useful app. Definitely worth downloading!

2016-10-25 ↴

written by Darpan A from USA, Device/Platform: Window 10 PC
Intuitive App! Great app for tech gurus as well as general user base.

2016-10-24 ↴

written by Flying Swift from USA, Device/Platform: iOS
Very good idea. This is a must have app to make your life easier, recommend.

2016-10-20 ↴

written by CrazyFM from Italy, Device/Platform: iOS
Useful! I use it every day for track all my tasks. Really usefull if you should remember lots of things to do!!

2016-10-06 ↴

written by Igory^ from USA, Device/Platform: iOS
A must-have app for everyone! Wow, it is really so easy and fast to send notifications to your devices in real time. I am mostly using it as a scheduled reminder and I am definitely satisfied. Recommend to everyone

2016-10-06 ↴

written by Neha M... from USA, Device/Platform: iOS
Great idea! Nowadays it's really hard to keep track of everything when life is so busy. This app lets you stay on top of things you want by setting up push notifications for them which is pretty neat!

2016-08-28 ↴

written by mikezz25 from USA, Device/Platform: iOS
Useful! I like the idea, especially with everything we need to stay up to date on in the world today. Can probably brush up the app around the edges, but good otherwise.

2016-08-19 ↴

written by M.Sidhu from India, Device/Platform: iOS
All in one! great idea.. all push notifications at one place.

2016-08-16 ↴

written by Danifala87 from Italy, Device/Platform: iOS
Very useful!!! Easy way to get real time notification to your phone or a group of phones. Suggested!

2016-08-08 ↴

written by Amy W. from USA, Device/Platform: iOS
Perfect for IoT enthusiasts! IFTTT integration would make this perfect!

Comment Pushsafer
Hello, IFTTT is available as action and also as trigger, take a look at:
2016-07-28 ↴

written by kopGM from USA, Device/Platform: iOS
Cool System! Just a few steps to register, then you could hook it up everything to receive notifications.

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