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How to send a push-notification with image out of Domoticz

Download & Install

The Pushsafer Notification-Plugin is preinstalled from version 3.5687.

the transmission and display of an image in a push-notification needs version >=3.7153


  1. open the settings
  2. go to the notification tab
  3. in the Pushafer area activate the Plugin
  4. enter your private or alias key
  5. optionally you can add an absolute image url, e.g. from an ip camera or a door bell
  6. Lastly, save the settings
    Pushsafer Domoticz PlugIn Setting for Push Notifications
  7. if all data has been entered correctly, a test message can be sent after saving
  8. now the Pushsafer plugin is ready and can be used
  9. simply press the button "Notification" on the desired device
    Pushsafer Domoticz PlugIn send Push Notifications with image
  10. on the next page, enable the Pushsafer service, add a message for this action and click add
    Pushsafer Domoticz PlugIn Push Notifications

Advanced Configuration

available from Version >3.7502

To customize your notification to your fit, you can enter Pushsafer parameters in the Custom Message field.

The following parameters are available and must always be entered separately in this order by a PIPE character!

The domoticz priority is passed throught the pr parameter of pushsafer!


Pushsafer Domoticz PlugIn Advanced Settings for Push Notifications


XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX|269|82|6|3|Domoticz|Switch on|http://user:pass@||Open Pushsafer|1000

XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX||83|7|1|Domoticz|Switch off|http://user:pass@|||0

For more information about replacing values (title, message, icon, icon color, sound, vibration) in your push notification, check out our API description!

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