Critical Alerts (iOS)
Critical Alerts introduced with iOS 12! These are special notifications that can bypass the device mute switch, Do Not Disturb settings and Quiet hours set at Pushsafer to send audible alerts in emergency situations.
This functionality is only available for iOS applications that have applied to and been approved by Apple.
Pushsafer for iOS now supports sending Critical Alerts for very important messages send with parameter priority p = 2, such as alarm system or security camera alerts.

Pushsafer Example Critical Alerts

APP Settings
Critical Alerts are not enabled by default, and can be enabled in the Pushsafer in app settings. You can adapt the volume of Critical Alerts.

Pushsafer APP Settings

On first app start you have to approve a dialog from iOS allowing Pushsafer to generate Critical Alerts. This setting you can ever changed in the app settings!

Pushsafer Permissions Pushsafer Permissions APP Settings

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