A Pushsafer API wrapper for Node-RED.

Supports rich notifications and notification templates.

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Run the following command in your Node-RED user directory - typically ~/.node-red

npm install node-red-contrib-pushsafer

Or use the palette manager inside of Node-RED

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Required inputs

Optional inputs, if provided they will override the template values

  • msg.title (string): Subject / title of a push-notification, max. 255 characters, see description
  • msg.icon (number): Instead of the default Pushsafer icon, which is displayed with the push notification, you can choose between 177 other icons, see description
  • msg.iconcolor (color): Color of the background of the icon, see description
  • msg.sound (number): Ringtone / Sound which should be played when receiving the push notification, see description
  • msg.vibration (number): How often the device should vibrate when receiving a push-notification, see description
  • msg.priority (number): This priority value determines where the push notification will be put in the notification shade (this sorting affects Android devices only), see description
  • msg.devices (string): This parameter controls to which devices or device groups the message is sent to, see description
  • msg.timetolive (number): Specifies how long a message should be kept in the client APP until it is automatically deleted, see description
  • msg.retry (number): With the retry / resend parameter, a message will be resent after a certain time, see description
  • msg.expire (number): The expire parameter stops resending push-notifications after a specified time, see description
  • msg.answer (number): To respond to push notifications, pass the parameter with the value 1, see description
  • msg.url (string): This URL can be opened directly from the push notification or from the client-app, see description
  • msg.urltitle (string): Can set the title of the url, see description
  • msg.image (string): The path of an image, which will be shown directly in the notification. Local file path or http(s) url, see description
  • msg.image2 (string): The path of a second image, which will be shown in the Pushsafer app. Local file path or http(s) url, see description
  • msg.image3 (string): The path of a third image, which will be shown in the Pushsafer app. Local file path or http(s) url, see description

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