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Use parameters to configure your push-notification for your needs. Private key and message are required, all other are optional.
k Private Key
Your private or alias key (required) is required for authentication each time a push notification is sent. You can find it in your Pushsafer dashboard.
Alias Key, you can set and use with predefined parameters.
d Device / Group
This parameter controls to which devices or device groups the message is sent to. The desired ID can be found at the respective device or group.

d=a = to all devices
d=gs23 = to a device group
d=52 = to a single device

t Subject
Subject / title of a push-notification, max. 255 characters
m Message
Message / text of the push notification (required), max. 5000 characters, but the push notification will show fewer characters depending on the system. The client APP shows all characters.
s Sound
Ringtone / Sound which should be played when receiving the push notification. If the parameter is not passed or left blank, the device plays the default sound. If 0 is passed, the notification is silent! Otherwise you can pass a value from 1 to 62. The following sounds are available. For Windows 10, only the 24 native sounds are available. Only intended for use in conjunction with Pushsafer, you can download all sounds here!
v Vibration
How often the device should vibrate when receiving a push-notification. blank=device default or a number 1-3, this parameter is due to the system only supported by iOS & Android.
i Icon
Instead of the default Pushsafer icon, which is displayed with the push notification, you can choose between 181 other icons. Simply pass the desired number 1-181 to the parameter i. It can be filtered by the icon in the client APP.
c Icon Color
With this parameter you can set the icon color in the Client APP. For this, a hexadecimal color code (example for red: #FF0000) must be passed to the parameter c.
  • in Windows 10 the push notification displays the icon with colored background
  • in Android >5.0, the APP icon in the push notification is colored in the desired color. Furthermore, this value can set the luminescent color on Android smartphones, which have a (RGB)-LED for notification.
  • in the Client-APP you can filter by icon-color

Android APP Icon Color Android APP Icon Color2 Windows 10 colored Icons

u Link/URL
Optionally, pass a URL to the parameter u. This URL can be opened directly from the push notification or from the client-app. Links are opened in the systems standard browser. Instead of an URL, URL schemes can also be transmitted. URL schemes open other APPs if they are installed on the device. Here are some examples of URL Schemes.
ut URL Title
Describes the title of the URL. If this parameter is not passed, the URL title is equal to the URL. Only affects the display in the client APP!
p p2 p3 Images
These 3 parameters are used to transmit images. p is displayed directly in the push notification. p2 & p3 on the other hand only in the client app. The transfer must be done as Base64 encoded DataURL. To convert images (JPG, GIF & PNG) to DataURL, the tool Image to DataURL is available.


is Image Size (max. Width/Height)
Loading an image into the push notification is limited in time! For large images and bad Internet connection, it can happen that the image can not be loaded during this time and thus does not appear in the push notification! Reducing the image size can help! The parameter is = image size overrides the size setting in your profile!
0 = 1024 px
1 = 768 px
2 = 512 px
3 = 256 px
l Time to Live
Time2Live specifies how long a message should be kept in the client APP until it is automatically deleted. 0 or empty = do not automatically delete, an integer value 1-43200 the time in minutes before automatic deletion.
pr Priority
You can set a priority parameter pr for your push-notifications. This priority value determines where the push notification will be put in the notification shade (this sorting affects Android devices only). That means - notifications with a high priority are displayed above a notification with a low priority, independent of when the notification was received!

-2 = lowest priority
When the priority parameter is specified with a value of -2, messages will be get the lowest priority and will not generate any push-notification, but the message will displayed in the client-app.

-1 = lower priority
When the priority parameter is specified with a value of -1, messages are given a lower priority. Push notifications are sent normally. These messages do not triggered sound and vibration.

0 = normal priority
If the priority parameter is specified with a value of 0, messages are given a normal priority. Push notifications are sent normally, Do Not Disturb and Quiet Hours will be considered. These messages triggers sound and vibration as specified in the parameters.

1 = high priority
If the priority parameter is specified with a value of 1, messages are given a high priority. Push notifications are sent normally, Do not Disturb and Quiet Hours will be ignored. These messages triggers sound and vibration as specified in the parameters. If activated for iOS, Time-Sensitive Notifications will be sent!

2 = highest priority
If the priority parameter is specified with a value of 2, messages are given a highest priority. Push notifications are sent normally, Do not Disturb and quiet hours will be ignored. These messages triggers sound and vibration as specified in the parameters. If activated for iOS, Critical Alerts will be sent!

  • in Windows 10 the icon will be framed in red by setting pr=2 and framed in yellow by setting pr=1
  • in the client App you can select for each priority value a free color, you also can filter the message list by priority.

Android Priority Windows 10 Priority Pushsafer Client APP

re Retry
With the retry / resend Parameter re, a message will be resent after a certain time (60-10800 seconds, 60's steps). Resending can be stopped by opening the message in the Client APP or on the Pushsafer website or using the parameter ex. Each resending requires an API call!
ex Expire
The ex parameter stops resending push-notifications after a specified time (60-10800 seconds).

a message should sent again every 2 minutes for two hours. The following values must be passed!
re = 120
ex = 7200

a Answer
To respond to push notifications, pass the a parameter with the value 1. Answers can be written or viewed via the Client APP or via the Pushsafer website.
ao Answer Options
With the parameter ao you can specify predefined answer options divided by a pipe character, e.g. Yes|No|Maybe. These serve as a quick selection in the Pushsafer Client APP. The parameter a must be 1!

Pushsafer Answer Options Push-Notifications

af Force Answer
the parameter af force an answer. The user will be prompted to answer, the message will be open directly.

Pushsafer force answer Push-Notifications

cr Confirm
With the confirm-parameter cr, a message is sent again after a specified period of time (10-10800 seconds, steps of 10s) until the message confirmed by opening the client APP or on the Pushsafer website. cr has priority over re and ex! Each resending requires an API call!
Send GIPHY GIFs using the parameter g. Search and call up your desired GIF picture at GIPHY.com, copy the code as shown in the picture below and pass it to the parameter g.
Attention: If a GIPHY image is transferred with the push notification, only 2 instead of 3 of your own images can be transferred!

GIPHY GIF in a Push-Notification

HTML Styling
The message can be formatted using BBCode. Formatting can only be displayed in the client apps but not in the Push-Notification itselfs. The following BBCodes are accepted:

[b]Word[/b] Word bold
[i]Word[/i] Word italic
[u]Word[/u] Word underline
[s]Word[/s] Word crossed out
[left]Word[/left] Text left-aligned
[center]Word[/center] Text center-aligned
[right]Word[/right] Text right-aligned
[size=18]Word[/size] Text in font-size 18 pixel
optimal font size 8-48
[color=blue]Word[/color] Word blue
[color=#FF0000]Word[/color] Word red
Hex codes and most color names are supported.
[url=http://www.domain.com]Link[/url] display a link
Combined values are also possible:
[b][u][color=#980000]Word[/color][/u][/b] = Word
Line break: \n or BBCode [br]

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