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How to send push-notifications out of Blue Iris by

Webcam and video security software. Record, playback and watch your surveillance cameras live at home or on the go with our mobile apps. make it easy and safe to send & receive push-notifications to your

  • Android devices
  • iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Watch)
  • Windows 10 Phone & Desktop
  • Browser (Chrome & Firefox)


  1. Open Camera settings
  2. go to the alerts tab Pushsafer
  3. enable "Request from a webservice" and click on "Configure"
  4. choose https://
  5. enter the Pushsafer API URL with parameters you need (without https or http)
  6. you can use the Link/URL generator in your dashboard
  7. choose parameters you want and click on Create Link
  8. Copy the generated URL in Blue Iris (without https or http)

Example URLs{ID}%3A%20{NAME}

Screenshots of Blue Iris Push-Notifications

Screenshot Client App


Screenshot iOS > iPhone


Screenshot Android


Screenshot Windows 10 Phone


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