Download: https://github.com/appzer/pimatic-pushsafer


A plugin for sending pushsafer.com notifications in pimatic.

Forked from and original created by: thexperiments

Pushsafer make it easy and safe to get push-notifications in real time on your

  • Android device
  • iOS device (incl. iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
  • Windows Phone & Desktop
  • Browser (Chrome & Firefox)


You can load the backend by editing your config.json to include:

  "plugin": "pushsafer",
  "privatekey": "Your20CharPrivateKey"

in the plugins section. For all configuration options see pushsafer-config-schema

Currently you can send pushsafer notifications via action handler within rules.


titleTokens, messageTokens, sound, device, icon, vibration

if it is 08:00 push title:"Good morning!" message:"Time to get out of bed!" sound:"11" device:"312" icon:"4" iconcolor:"#00FF00" vibration:"2" url:"https://www.pushsafer.com" urltitle:"Open Pushsafer.com" time2live:"1000" priority:"2" retry:"60" expire:"600" answer:"1"

in general: if X then push

title:"title of the push notification" message:"message of the notification" sound:"11" device:"312" icon:"4" iconcolor:"#FF0000" vibration:"2" url:"https://www.pushsafer.com" urltitle:"Open Pushsafer.com" time2live:"60" priority:"2" retry:"60" expire:"600" answer:"1"

Find API description here at pushsafer api to set up your push notification!

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