E-Mail Gateway

Send Push-Notifications by the pushsafer email gateway to iOS, Android and Windows 10 devices

The Pushsafer E-Mail Gateway allows you to receive a push notification via a simple e-mail.

The e-mail address to which you must send the message can be found in your Pushsafer dashboard.

You can also modify these notifications by simply using the Email Address Generator.
In addition, up to 3 pictures can be transmitted with each e-mail. These images are displayed directly in the ClientApps, and (the first) also in the push notification.

Pushsafer E-Mail Gateway with email generator

If your hardware or software does not support this email address setup, you can also create an email alias with predefined variables.

Pushsafer email Gateway over email aliases

For more information about replacing values (title, message, icon, icon color, sound, vibration) in your push notification, check out our API description!

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