PS Notification Forwarder

With "PS Notification Forwarder" you can forward your Windows 10/11 notifications to your registered devices or to another webhook/API endpoint.

Easy setup > activate desired programs > enter API endpoints all HTTP(S) connections are supported > done

PS Notification Forwarder - Download in Windows App Store

This makes sense for the following scenarios, for example:

  • You don't sit at the PC all day, but you don't want to miss any notifications
  • the PC is operated without a monitor
  • Set up automations that should be triggered by certain notifications

Get notified when:

  • new email received
  • a restart of Windows is required or
  • important updates need to be installed
  • Remote users log in
  • when the UPS battery level is low
  • or for other programs that need your attention

Functional scope:

  • Manage the applications that are allowed to forward notifications
  • Add as many API endpoint URLs as you need
  • perfect for receiving notifications on all your devices (iOS, Android, Windows, Telegram, browser)
  • with HTTP Basic authentication
  • Setting up a proxy is possible
  • History of incoming notifications
  • quick activation/deactivation of forwarding
  • Export the settings in JSON format
  • LOG, which records all activities


Open "PS Notification Forwarder" and wait, only when the application sends a notification can it be selected.

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