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Send push-notifications out of make from every trigger.
Use this invitation link to use Pushsafer in your make workflow.


The Pushsafer modules allow you to send messages and interact with the Pushsafer API.

Getting Stared with Pushsafer


  • Pushsafer account
  • a valid device

In order to use Pushsafer with Make, you must have a Pushsafer account. If you do not have one, you can create one at

Connecting Pushsafer to Make

To connect your Pushsafer account to Make, you need your Private Key.

  1. Log in to your Pushsafer account.
  2. You can find your Private Key in your dashboard. You can find your Private Key in your dashboard.
  3. In Make, choose the Pushsafer module you want to use. Next to Connection, click Add.
  4. Enter your Private Key in the respective field.
  5. Click Save.

You have established the connection.


Send a Message

Sends a message to your Pushsafer devices.

Connection Establish a connection to your Pushsafer account.
Message Message / text of the push notification (required), max. 5000 characters, but the push notification will show fewer characters depending on the system. The client APP shows all characters.
Title Subject / title of a push-notification, max. 255 characters
Device Choose one of your devices or device groups to send just to that device/group, instead of all devices.
Icon Choose the notifications icon
Sound Choose the notifications sound
URL Enter a URL to show with your message. This URL can be opened directly from the push notification or from the client-app. Instead of an URL, URL schemes can also be transmitted. URL schemes open other APPs if they are installed on the device. Here are some examples of URL Schemes.
URL Title Describes the title of the URL. If this parameter is not passed, the URL title is equal to the URL.
Icon Color Set the Icons color with a hexadecimal color code (example for red: #FF0000)
Vibration How often the device should vibrate when receiving a push-notification. blank=device default or a number 1-3
Priority Choose the notifications priority
Time2Live Specifies how long a message should be kept in the client APP until it is automatically deleted. 0 or empty = do not automatically delete, an integer value 1-43200 the time in minutes before automatic deletion.
Retry With the retry / resend Parameter, a message will be resent after a certain time (60-10800 seconds, 60's steps). Resending can be stopped by opening the message in the Client APP or on the Pushsafer website or using the parameter Expire.
Expire The Expire parameter stops resending push-notifications after a specified time (60-10800 seconds). Example: a message should sent again every 2 minutes for two hours. The following values must be passed! Retry=120 Expire=7200
Confirm With the Confirm Parameter, a message will be resent after a specified period of time (10-10800 seconds, steps of 10s) until the message confirmed by opening the client APP or on the Pushsafer website. Confirm has priority over Retry and Expire!
Answer Ability to respond to push notifications. Answers can be written or viewed via the Client APP, via the Pushsafer website or API.
Answer Options Specify predefined answer options divided by a pipe character, e.g. Yes|No|Maybe. These serve as a quick selection in the Pushsafer Client APP. The parameter Answer must be yes!
Anwser Force The user will be prompted to answer, the message will be open directly. The parameter Answer must be yes!

Make an API Call

Performs an arbitrary authorized API call.

Connection Establish a connection to your Pushsafer account.
URL Enter a path relative to For example: /api-d Note For the list of available endpoints, refer to the Pushsafer API Documentation.
Method Select the HTTP method you want to use: GET or POST
Query String Enter the request query string keys and values.
Body Enter the body content for your API call.

Example of Use - List Devices and Groups

The following API call returns all the devices and groups from your Pushsafer account:

URL: \api-d

Method: POST

Pushsafer API Call with MAKE.

Matches of the search can be found in the module's Output under Bundle > Body. Our example returned all users devices and groups:

Pushsafer API Call Output.

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