Plugin for irssi (a console based IRC client) to send push-notifications using

This allows you to be notified when someone messages/mentions you on IRC, when you're not online.



  1. register or login into your pushsafer control panel, note your private or alias key.
  2. cp to ~/.irssi/scripts/ and symlink into scripts/autorun if you desire.
  3. touch ~/.irssi/pushsafer_ignores
  4. Within irssi:
    1. /load autorun/
    2. /set pushsafer_key "your pushsafer private or alias key"
    3. optional set the following params
    4. /set pushsafer_device "device or device group id"
    5. /set pushsafer_sound "sound number 1-60"
    6. /set pushsafer_icon "icon number 1-170"
    7. /set pushsafer_iconcolor "icon color fe. #FF0000"
    8. /set pushsafer_vibration "vibration 0-3"
    9. /set pushsafer_url "optional url"
    10. /set pushsafer_urltitle "optional url title"
    11. /set pushsafer_time2live "number 0-43200 time in minutes, after which message automatically gets purged"
    12. /set pushsafer_priority "number -2, -1, 0, 1, 2"
    13. /set pushsafer_retry "number 60-10800 time in seconds, after a message automatically resend"
    14. /set pushsafer_expire "number 60-10800 time in seconds, after the retry stops"
    15. /set pushsafer_confirm "number 10-10800 time in seconds, resend a message in a specified period of time (10-10800 seconds, steps of 10s) until the message confirmed by opening the client APP or on the Pushsafer website. cr has priority over re and ex"
    16. /set pushsafer_answer "number 1 or 0"
    17. /set pushsafer_answeroptions "specify predefined answer options divided by a pipe character, e.g. Yes|No|Maybe"
    18. /set pushsafer_answerforce "number 1 or 0, force an answer. The user will be prompted to answer."
    19. /save
    20. /pushtest hello world. (sends test message to your device(s)).


  1. A Account
  2. Crypt::SSLeay / libcrypt-ssleay-perl is installed

Other things

  1. /set pushsafer_debug 1 - should make it verbose.
  2. /set pushsafer_ignore 1 - turn on ignore configurability
  3. /set pushsafer_ignorefile - ignore messages from ....
  4. /set pushsafer_ignorechannels - space separated list of channels to ignore.
  5. /pushignore help - should get you started in populating the ignore list.
  6. /set pushsafer_only_if_away [on|off] - if set to on, then you'll need to be set to away before we send notifications.

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