Send a Push-Notification by out of irssi to iOS, Android and Windows 10 devices

Plugin for irssi (a console based IRC client) to send push-notifications using

This allows you to be notified when someone messages/mentions you on IRC, when you're not online.



  1. register or login into your pushsafer control panel, note your private or alias key.
  2. cp to ~/.irssi/scripts/ and symlink into scripts/autorun if you desire.
  3. touch ~/.irssi/pushsafer_ignores
  4. Within irssi:
  5. /load autorun/
  6. /set pushsafer_key "your pushsafer private or alias key"
  7. optional set the following params:
  8. /set pushsafer_device "device or device group id"
  9. /set pushsafer_sound "sound number"
  10. /set pushsafer_icon "icon number"
  11. /set pushsafer_vibration "vibration 0-3"
  12. /set pushsafer_url "optional url"
  13. /set pushsafer_urltitle "optional url title"
  14. /set pushsafer_time2live "number 0-43200 time in minutes, after which message automatically gets purged"
  15. /save
  16. /pushtest hello world (sends test message to your device(s)).


  1. Crypt::SSLeay / libcrypt-ssleay-perl is installed

Other things

  1. /set pushsafer_debug 1 - should make it verbose.
  2. /set pushsafer_ignore 1 - turn on ignore configurability
  3. /set pushsafer_ignorefile - ignore messages from ....
  4. /set pushsafer_ignorechannels - space separated list of channels to ignore.
  5. /pushignore help - should get you started in populating the ignore list.
  6. /set pushsafer_only_if_away [on|off] - if set to on, then you'll need to be set to away before we send notifications.

For more information about replacing values (title, message, icon, sound, vibration) in your push notification, check out our API description!

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