Send a Push-Notification by pushsafer.com out of weechat to iOS, Android and Windows 10 devices

How to send push-notification out of weechat with Pushsafer




Load the pushsafer-weechat.rb plugin into Weechat. Place it in the ~/.weechat/ruby directory:

/ruby load pushsafer-weechat.rb

It also requires a Pushsafer account and Ruby, the Ruby OpenSSL libraries, and RubyGems installed on your host.


Set your Pushsafer private key.

/set plugins.var.ruby.pushsafer-weechat.privatekey XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


The following parameters you can modify

  • plugins.var.ruby.pushsafer-weechat.privatekey

    The private or alias key for your Pushsafer service. Defaults to an empty string and must be set for pushsafer-weechat to work.

  • plugins.var.ruby.pushsafer-weechat.interval

    The interval between notifications. Doesnt notify if the last

    notification was within x seconds.

    Default: 60 seconds

  • plugins.var.ruby.pushsafer-weechat.sound

    Set your notification sound options

    a number 0-28 0 = silent, blank = device default

    Default: blank (Sound will be device default)

  • plugins.var.ruby.pushsafer-weechat.device

    Set your notification device

    your device or device group id, if empty = to all devices

    Default: blank

  • plugins.var.ruby.pushsafer-weechat.icon

    Set your notification icon

    a number 1-181

    Default: blank

  • plugins.var.ruby.pushsafer-weechat.vibration

    Set your notification vibration

    a number 0-3

    Default: blank

  • plugins.var.ruby.pushsafer-weechat.time2live

    Set your notification time to live

    a number 0-43200: Time in minutes, after which message automatically gets purged.

    Default: blank

  • plugins.var.ruby.pushsafer-weechat.url

    Set your notification url

    a url or url scheme

    Default: blank

  • plugins.var.ruby.pushsafer-weechat.urltitle

    Set your notification url title

    title of url

    Default: blank

For more information about replacing values (title, message, icon, icon color, sound, vibration) in your push notification, check out our API description!

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