DIY Smart-Home with trigBoard

trigBoard V7 - ESP8266 Ultra Low Power WiFi Platform

What is needed?

  1. a trigBoard
  2. iOS, Android or WIN10 Smartphone with installed Pushsafer client app and a Pushsafer Account
  3. a 3.7V Lithium Polymer Accu with micro JST Plug
  4. a sensor that trigger the board (motion, pir, magnetic ...)

Let's go

  1. register with Pushsafer
  2. connect the 3.7V LiPo with a standard micro-JST PH 2mm to the trigBoard (check polarity)
  3. connect your sensor or contact switch
  4. enter the WiFi settings, you have to press and hold the Wake button until you see the LED flash
  5. the Board create a wifi network with the SSID trigBoard
  6. connect to this network with your computer or mobile device, after that a captive portal should open automatically
  7. now you can set your wifi, the Pushsafer private-key and the message, dont forget to save

    Pushsafer with trigBoard

  8. when the trigBoard wakes up over the sensor, Pushsafer sends a push notification to your device (with default settings to all registered devices)

    Pushsafer Aliases

  9. you want to change the notification sound or icon, you have to create a alias key with predefined parameters

    setup the trigBoard

  10. enter the alias key instead the private key in you trigBoard preferences
  11. more informations and possibilities you will find here


Costs: about 25 € + Sensor of your choice
Time required: about 0.5h

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