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Send links, website urls, selected text or image links out of chrome to your registered devices with only few clicks.



  1. after installing the extension, the page for the settings is opened automatically

    Pushsafer Google Chrome Extension Setup Page

  2. enter your username or E-mail address and your 20 chars long private key, click on save
  3. if your login credentials are ok, a list of your registered devices and device groups are loaded
  4. now you can select one device from the first list, to this device you send a notification with the website link by clicking the Pushsafer Chrome Menu Button in the upper right.

    Pushsafer Google Chrome Extension Button

  5. from the second list, you can select several devices, which should appear in the context menu when you do right-click

    Pushsafer Google Chrome Extension Context Menu

  6. Finally, select Sound and Icon for your notification and save the preferences
  7. now you can do a right click on text selections, images or links, choose Pushsafer and the device which should receive the push notification from the context menu
  8. by clicking on the upper right Pushsafer Chrome Menu Button you will send the link from the active tab as a notification to your device

When you add / delete devices or groups in your pushsafer account, you have to visit the pushsafer extension option page (right click on the pushsafer menu button) to load the actual device list.

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