Send a Push-Notification by out of bosMon to iOS, Android and Windows 10 devices

BosMon decodes ZVEI, FMS and Pocsag telegrams via the sound card and can send them via Pushsafer push-notifications!
Thanks to its clear and flexible interface, it can be adapted to the respective user needs.

Pushsafer setup in bosMon

Pushsafer bosMon

Step 1

Open the settings and add a new push service

Pushsafer bosMon 01

Step 2

Activate the developer-mode

Pushsafer bosMon 02

Step 3

Make the settings under the Fields tab as follows

Pushsafer bosMon 03

Step 4

on the Script tab insert the following code

Pushsafer bosMon 04
public static bool ProcessResponse(int httpCode, String[] header, String content, out String result) {
  using (System.Xml.XmlReader reader = System.Xml.XmlReader.Create(new System.IO.StringReader(content))) {
    while(reader.Read()) {
      if (reader.NodeType == System.Xml.XmlNodeType.Element) {
        if ((reader.Name == "status") && (reader.ReadInnerXml() == "1")) {
          result = "OK, Nachricht ├╝bermittelt.";
          return true;
        } else if (reader.Name == "error") {
          result = "Fehler: " + reader.ReadInnerXml();
          return false;
  result = "";
  return false;

public static void PrepareVariables(System.Collections.Generic.IDictionary<String, String> variables) {
  String value;
  if(! variables.TryGetValue("message", out value) || value == null || value.Trim().Length == 0)
    variables["message"] = "Keine Meldung";
  if(! variables.TryGetValue("title", out value) || value == null || value.Trim().Length == 0)
    variables["title"] = "Kein Titel";

Step 5

Make the settings under the Inquiry tab as follows

Pushsafer bosMon 05


Method: POST

Post Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded

Parameter: k=%field1%&t=%title%&m=%message%&d=%field2%&pr=%field3%&re=%field4%&ex=%field5%

Step 6

Enter all required and/or optional parameter on the Settings tab! To adapt the push-notification even further to your needs, use Pushsafer aliases! Instead of the private key, use the alias key to send the push notification!

Pushsafer bosMon 06

You can set up email aliases in your Pushsafer dashboard!

Pushsafer Aliase

For more information about replacing values (title, message, icon, icon color, sound, vibration) in your push notification, check out our API description!

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