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Pushsafer Notifications

  • Source:
  • Icon Support: No
  • Attachment Support: Yes
  • Message Format: Text
  • Message Limit: 32768 Characters per message

There isn't too much effort requires to use PushSafer notifications. The message is basically just passed to your online PushSafer account and then gets relayed to your device(s) you've setup from there.

Getting Your Private Key

Once you log into their official website, you can find the {private_key} on your dashboard.


Valid syntax is as follows:

  • psafers://{private_key}
  • psafers://{private_key}/{device_id}
  • psafers://{private_key}/{device_id1}/{device_id2}/{device_idN}
  • psafers://{private_key}?priority={priority}
  • psafers://{private_key}?priority=emergency&sound=okay
  • psafers://{private_key}?vibrate=2

If no device is specified, the a reserved device is used by default. the a notifies all of your devices currently associated with your account.

Secure connections are always made when you use psafers:// however psafer:// also works if you wish to use an unencrypted connection.

Parameter Breakdown

Variable Required Description
private_key Yes The private key associated with your PushSafer account. This can be found on your dashboard after successfully logging in.
device_id No The device identifier to send your notification to. By default if one isn't specified then all of devices associated with your account are notified.
priority No Can be low, moderate, normal, high, or emergency; the default is to use whatever the default setting is for the device being notified.
sound No Can optionally identify one of the optional sound effects identified here. By default this variable isn't set at all.
vibration No Android and iOS devices can be set to vibrate upon the reception of a notification. By setting this, you're effectively setting the strength of the vibration. You can set this to 1, 2 or 3 where 3 is a maximum vibration setting and 1 causes a lighter vibration. By default this variable isn't set at all causing your device default settings to take effect.


Send a PushSafer notification to all of our configured devices:

# Assuming our {private_key} is 435jdj3k78435jdj3k78435jdj3k78
apprise -vv -t "Test Message Title" -b "Test Message Body" \

Send a PushSafer notification with the Emergency Priority:

# Emergency priority advises you to also specify the expire and
# retry values.
# Assuming our {user_key} is 435jdj3k78435jdj3k78435jdj3k78
apprise -vv -t "Test Message Title" -b "Test Message Body" \

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