GitLab webhooks

Send a Push-Notification by out of GitLab webhooks to iOS, Android and Windows 10 devices

How to send push-notification out of GitLab with webhooks & Pushsafer

Webhooks can be used for binding events when something is happening within the project.


  1. open the desired project
  2. open the settings dropdown
  3. then go to integrations
  4. enter the URL from Pushafer, with the required key and optional params
  5. select the events which should trigger this webhook
  6. add / save the webhook

How to send push notifications out of GitLab webhooks configuration

You can add various webhooks for each project.

Example Webhook URLs

with private key (20 chars)

with alias key (15 chars)

with private key (20 chars) and optional parameters

Pushsafer API values

Any API parameters, as found on, can be appended to the URL.

Events that trigger a webhook

More informations

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