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No notifications on iphone X

Posted: 28. Nov 2019, 17:15
by vibi27
I tried to push notifications to my friend's phone via the API call (arduino push library).
With no success.
The same API call with another android deviceId (my phone actually) works well.
My friend has checked those points:
-the notifications are active in the pushsafer client app
-the OS authorizes pushsafer client app to push notifications on the phone.

What have we missed ?

My friend with the IPHONE X had to create a pushsafer account, may be that's the problem => so, is there a way to just install pushsafer client app and just get the deviceId that my friends will send to me via sms or mail, so that there will be only one pushsafer account (mine) and nobody knows my pushsafer credentials ?

Re: No notifications on iphone X

Posted: 28. Nov 2019, 17:40
by admin

you have to register your friends phone as a guest-device into your account. Your friend have no access to your data or profile!
You will find this feature on your pushsafer profil page!

To send a message to your friends iphone use the same arduino action as you use to send to your own device. The only thing you have to do, is to set the device parameter [d] to your friends device ID.

All api calls will be charged to your account!


Re: No notifications on iphone X

Posted: 28. Nov 2019, 22:30
by vibi27
And sorry for the double post message, this one was posted on a phone and as I didn't see it one hour after, I decided to write another one.