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Include snapshot in HTTP url link

Posted: 16. Apr 2020, 21:59
by sammyke007
Im trying to send a notification from within LUA or Blocky in Domoticz. I would like to send a push message by calling an url. This for example works: ... 20voordeur

Is it possible to include my camera snapshot in this url?
I know how to do it in the notifications options in Domoticz (by dividing with |)and that works great, but in Blocky or LUA I can't add this custom message. That's why I would like to do it with a http link...

I tried to add &p=mysnapshoturl, but that doesn't seem te work.

Re: Include snapshot in HTTP url link

Posted: 17. Apr 2020, 07:58
by admin

the pushsafer plugin for domoticz converts the image to a base64 string like described in the pushsafer api!

A url to an image pushsafer dont support because of safety/privacy reasons! Most IP Cameras Image URLs need a password and username in it to work!