A basic app that is guest only

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A basic app that is guest only

Postby Max4444 » 3. Mar 2021, 14:42

A basic app that is guest only.
No questions to do with liking pushsafer etc.
Just a box to ender guest credentials or QR code.
Received messages only with no send feature.
This is more commercial product friendly service.
My guest users for my testing, seem to be put off by all the options which have nothing to do with guest receive messages only.
Is alarm activation messages.

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Re: A basic app that is guest only

Postby admin » 3. Mar 2021, 18:20

A nice idea / feature!
But apple and Google don't like duplicate APPs in their stores.

Another idea would be to submit a new parameter via guest registration.
f.e. Parameter minimalApp = 1

Which settings / functions should the Minimal APP contain. What do you think?

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Re: A basic app that is guest only

Postby Max4444 » 8. Mar 2021, 01:06

Sorry Kevin,
I missed this one. Yes... anything that would minimise the options. My clients would only ever want GUEAST mode.

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Re: A basic app that is guest only

Postby Max4444 » 8. Mar 2021, 01:19

He Kevin,
Just the guest QR code option. I had friends test the pushsafe app, and they were confused with all the options and were confused as the APK said pushsafer. They didnt know what to do.
I did write the instructions down, however, I deliberatly chose non technical people for the test group.

As for the applestore and Google play store duplicate names, I would have no issue in supplying the APK or whatever under a different name. As I am just buying the Credits, the end user (no offence) doesnt care about the term pushsafer, they just want to pregister thier device.

I am planning on selling the device with a pre=printed QR code.
When they register, they just use the QR code to register thier device.
I will pre-confiure the electronics "module number" and when i see the new device on the dashboard screen" i can map the electronics in the field which will have a pre-defined group code in the firmware.

Hope the above makes sense

You may wonder why i create a group, this is easier for me to hard code a group in software at the remote end. I just put my device number in each group and then remove my device and add thier newly registered device in its place.

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