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Pushsafer + Remotexy

Postby termoplas » 30. Sep 2020, 18:12


Simple question: has anyone integrated these two apps in one code? (i'm using Arduino IDE)

My goal is to receive the data via RemoteXY and send the notification to my phone using Pushsafer... I have little to none background with these two apps and their code, so i'm open to any insight and/or suggestions!

(sorry for the bad english, not my forte)

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Re: Pushsafer + Remotexy

Postby admin » 30. Sep 2020, 18:59

sorry i do not work with remoteXY.

Please search for help on this boards/forums:


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Re: Pushsafer + Remotexy

Postby termoplas » 1. Oct 2020, 11:57

Will do, thanks for the fast answer!

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