NVR email alert attached pics missing, no vibration

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NVR email alert attached pics missing, no vibration

Postby ztm2000 » 22. Nov 2019, 23:07

New to Pushsafer, just learning. Having a Hikvision NVR and set one of my cameras to send push alert in case of line crossing or intrusion detection. HikConnect push notifications are not reliable that's why I was looking for something else.
I managed to set up the email alert, I'm receiving the notifications just in time. But the NVR is set to send 3 pictures. Size is 352x288, 20-40kB. But this is not showing up in my Pushsafer app. All I can see is 3 little blue/green box that should represent the attached images. Touching them I'm redirected to the browser but all I can see is a black "nothing". NVR is set to email on many addresses, in the other mailboxes I can see the 3 attached image, so it is working as expected.
Why is that Pushsafer does not display the images?

The email alias is set to vibrate 3 times. But the phone is not vibrating. I've double checked every possible settings, vibration is set/allowed. Any ideas?

Phone is Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus, v8.1 Android, MIUI

thx for any help.

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Re: NVR email alert attached pics missing, no vibration

Postby admin » 23. Nov 2019, 09:01


regarding your image attachment issue please i have wrote you an email!

to fix notification sound and vibration on your Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus with Android 8 and MIUI do the following:

Autostart permissions
- Open Settings from the home screen
- Scroll down to the Apps sub-menu
- Select Permissions
- Tap Autostart
- Choose pushsafer the apps that aren't sending push notifications.
- Toggle the slider to ensure the apps always start in the background.

Battery settings
- Open Settings from the home screen
- Scroll down to the System & Device sub-menu
- Select Battery & performance
- Tap Choose apps
- Select pushsafer that isn't showing notifications
- Choose No restrictions

If this not fix the issue try this: https://forums.androidcentral.com/ask-q ... iaomi.html
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