Camera image icons too small

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Camera image icons too small

Postby bcarron » 23. Aug 2019, 10:05


I am using PushSafer to send push notifications on my iOs devices from IP cameras (mainly from AXIS).

I am correctly receiving the notifications, but the image icons are too small:
- a small box on the right side of the banner instead of a large image below the text as on your example ( iOs 4th image)
- 3 small images side by side on the app messages instead of 3 large images positions from top to bottom as on your example ( iOs 3rd image)
- When trying to access to a larger image, I am directly sent to a web page with only one picture, not the 3 sent by the camera

It is quite painful from a push notification to finally have a correct size image to really see what is happening.

Is there a way to have larger image icons in the banner and in the app messages?

Thanks a lot,

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Re: Camera image icons too small

Postby admin » 23. Aug 2019, 20:37


can you provide a screenshot of the issue you have!

Thanks KEvin
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