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Send answer via callback

Posted: 23. Aug 2022, 15:28
by 24fun-push
I found a (old) thread requesting to send answers to push messages via the callback url.


Your answer in May 2019 was:

"But i really like this idea and i will try to implement this feature, as soon as possible."

Has this been implemented anytime? I can't find anything in the documentation. My problem is, that getting a whole picture of answers, I have to pull al the involved devices periodically through the read api .... not really fine in my opinion. Or is there another way to keep attention of answers to a push message to < 100 users in (nearly) realtime ...

Re: Send answer via callback

Posted: 23. Aug 2022, 20:14
by admin
it's already implemented, as described here:

Response code for sending answers

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	"action": "answer transmitted",
	"answer": "my answer"