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iOS message text different to preview

Posted: 26. May 2022, 10:43
by DWNewt
Hi all,

I have a single iPhone registered, and I have a system that uses apprise to push a status message to my phone via PushSafer.
When I see the preview on the phone from the lockscreen or notification pulldown, I can see all the text, but when I open the PushSafer app, or even look on the PushSafer dashboard "API-Log" page, I only see the first few characters.

It appears asif emoji characters are the cause.
For example, if I send the following as message content:
Then all I see on the API Log page, and all I see in the app on my phone, is this:
and nothing else.

I can reproduce this using curl on the command line, or even via the PushSafer dashboard tester.

Any ideas how to get the system to allow emoji?


Re: iOS message text different to preview

Posted: 27. May 2022, 19:05
by admin

thanks for your feedback! I fixed the issue!
Now emoji's worked in title and message (in push notification, also in app and read-api)