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API LOG Messages "are always deleted"

Posted: 13. May 2022, 10:39
by jaymas
Hello, Loving the feature set so far, so thank you for providing us with this.

I was wondering if what I am seeing in the API LOG is an expected behaviour or not.

Whenever I push something with a message (as in populating param m in the API) from my device,'s API LOG will register the entry, but when I click the Message ID, a pop up states "This message has already been deleted!", even though I have not reached the message storage limit or 7 days expiry. Any clues?

Images attached for references.

API-LOG page.png
Step 1: Navigate to API LOG
API-LOG page.png (55.04 KiB) Viewed 1096 times
Message delete pop up.png
Step 2: Click on any recent Message ID
Message delete pop up.png (108.97 KiB) Viewed 1096 times

Re: API LOG Messages "are always deleted"

Posted: 13. May 2022, 11:00
by admin

The LOG is only intended to be able to trace when a message was sent to which devices.

I've seen that the device id in the log dont not exists anymore. Thats why you get the anwser "message already deleted"