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Message event caps

Posted: 20. Jan 2021, 20:50
by grahamtpp
Hi. New to this forum and use of Pushsafer. If I have a project that sends a push notification to Pushsafer after an event, however continues to send the event if the project trigger is still active, is there a way to limit the number of messages sent out from Pushsafer for that one trigger event. Example: if a flood triggers an event and the flood continues to send triggers to Pushsafer, can I limit this to prevent using up all API calls? If I was to turn off the device in the APP after the intial notification would that prevent all further API calls being sent?
I hope that makes sense...
Many thanks

Re: Message event caps

Posted: 20. Jan 2021, 21:07
by admin
Unfortunately not, because Pushsafer does not compare messages with each other!

Usually you have to limit this on your side!

What sensor and software you use?