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Adafruit JSON Webhook

Posted: 30. Nov 2020, 16:31
by ssweber
I'm trying to setup triggers via to post to pushsafer.

I can get a simple post to work, such as ... KKK&m=Test

However, I'd like to use the additional json functionality, see pic at ... dafruitio/

Is that something that is already available, or could be easily implemented?

Re: JSON Webhook

Posted: 30. Nov 2020, 17:01
by admin

do you really want to use pushsafer json response in adafruit?

I think you want to use values from a JSON response from a other adafruit service and send it as a push-notification via pushsafer!
I'am right?


Re: Adafruit JSON Webhook

Posted: 30. Nov 2020, 21:31
by ssweber
I'm sorry I should have posted a screenshot to better explain. See picture.

My PLC publishes mqtt to Then I create triggers based on the values of those fields.

They are setup to send the values as json, not as URL-encoded POST. Is there a way to send JSON to pushsafer? Or only URL-style?

I can work around it if that's the case, just checking!

Re: Adafruit JSON Webhook

Posted: 1. Dec 2020, 15:30
by admin
request to Pushsafer don't support JSON.
But can you provide tese values in the Pushsafer API URL like

Code: Select all[yourkey]&m=[yourmessage]&t=[yourtitle]&d=[yourdeviceid]