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Postby PhillKelley » 22. Jan 2020, 00:23

Have you considered adding geofencing capabilities to PushSafer notifications?

The kind of thing I imagine is being able to configure a device group such that the receiving device(s) only react (sound, flash, vibrate) to an incoming notification if the receiving device(s) are outside a certain area.

Here's the use-case. I have TrigBoards on doors. I don't care if those doors are opened when I am at home. I only care if I am away from home. Right now, I deal with unwanted notifications by turning off the Node-Red flow but that means I have to remember to enable the Node-Red flow before I leave home. It would be better if my phone did not react to notifications when I am at home. My phone always knows where it is so it is the best place to implement this kind of geofencing capability.

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Re: Geofencing

Postby admin » 22. Jan 2020, 09:34


great idea! I will add this feature to the pushsafer idea list with the following option:

- do not send or send quiet notification when device is inside a defined area (longitude, latitude) + radius ??? km/miles

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