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browser don't show push

Posted: 8. Jan 2020, 18:45
by ceinmart

I'm new to pushsafer and I'm testing the service.

I've configured my account and registered two chrome browsers, one on my desktop and another on my cellphone.

I send a few test messages using the pushsafer website and a zabbix plugin but none of the messages aren't displayed in both browsers.

In the device list, the action log, show all test messages sent.

Both browsers are registered, with notification enabled.

What I'm missing here?


Re: browser don't show push

Posted: 9. Jan 2020, 18:43
by admin

you are right, on chrome the notification support was broken.
I fixed the issue and now all works fine.

If you have trouble please follow this fixing guide:
1. logout from the pushsafer website
2. clear browsers cache and user data
3. login to you pushsafer account
4. go to profile and disable browser push and enable it again