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Secure example

Posted: 11. Nov 2019, 16:23
by vibi27
Hi developper team,

Do you plan to provide a full example of HTTPS/SSL connexion (for example using an ESP32), like the one existing for HTTP and ESP8266 ?
The pushSafer arduino library seems to have some Secure code in comment, like the line with WifiClientSecure.

Thanks for your reply.

Re: Secure example

Posted: 11. Nov 2019, 20:47
by admin

on there also a SSL example included.

You have to change the following lines

1. ... ushsafer.h
Line: 30,31
/*#define SSL_PORT 443*/
#define PORT 80
#define SSL_PORT 443
/*#define PORT 80*/
2. ... hsafer.cpp
Line: 36,37
/*if (client->connect(HOST, SSL_PORT)) {*/
if (client->connect(HOST, PORT)) {
if (client->connect(HOST, SSL_PORT)) {
/*if (client->connect(HOST, PORT)) {*/
3. ... dEvent.ino
Line: 1,2
#include <ESP8266WiFi.h>
/*#include <WiFiClientSecure.h>*/
/*#include <ESP8266WiFi.h>*/
#include <WiFiClientSecure.h>
Hope this helps...

Re: Secure example

Posted: 14. Nov 2019, 15:24
by vibi27
Thanks a lot