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Pushsafer vs Boxcar speed

Posted: 22. May 2019, 16:26
by pusher
Hi there,

I love the app - signed up for the API credits as I need the push function.

However, I chose PS over BC (I know it's not supported any more but I have it still insalled on my iOS) however, the reason for using PS over BC is because I need the notification sound. BC doesn't seem to have that working any more.

So, the issue I have is speed. I need the notification to happen as quickly as possible and BC appears almost 10 seconds as a notification over PS. Is there any way I can improve this speed? I am sending it VIA email to the PS email address.


PS One thing I will try is switching the email address orders around see does that make a difference.

Re: Pushsafer vs Boxcar speed

Posted: 22. May 2019, 18:14
by admin

receive push notifications over the pushsafer email gateway tooks a little long.

Thats normal! Because...
- you send the mail > take a little from mail server to mail server
- pushsafer receive the mail
- pushsafer convert to push notification
- pushsafer send the notification

Try to send the mail only to the pushsafer mail address!
What mail provider you use? There are also differences by the speed of sending mails.

Re: Pushsafer vs Boxcar speed

Posted: 22. May 2019, 18:22
by pusher
Tried it with the PS email first and it was the same. But that's ok I've moved onto the API.

Can you help with that? I am using http post and literally want to just push a test message to all devices.

Is this url correct?{FXXX ... }&m={"test"}

I have of course removed the secret key and replaced with XXX

I am http post the above URL into my code but nothing is receiving on my device. I want to just push the word test to my iphone.

I am receiving the test message from the dashboard to my device so obviously my code syntax is the issue. Can you help?


Re: Pushsafer vs Boxcar speed

Posted: 22. May 2019, 18:27
by pusher

Re: Pushsafer vs Boxcar speed

Posted: 22. May 2019, 18:31
by admin
URL with parameter is GET not POST!

The URL is not correct! api-d is the device-api not the message-api you call with!

In your pushsafer dashboard you can generate your url with all the parameter you need.
Login to your psuhsafer account, go to

Now select all options you want and press the create link button
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