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Re: Same device on 2 accounts

Posted: 9. Oct 2020, 10:27
by NeptuneUK
If a solution could be implemented that would be great!

I assume each device is allocated a unique key ID to identify it?

Would you then, in effect, create a lookup table to see if a given account could send notifications to a specific device ID?

This would mean a device could have a one to many relationship with PS accounts and if a user unsubscribed from a single PS account, all others would still be operational.

In this manner a single installation of the PS app, could receive notifications from any account to which an end user had subscribed, 1-nnn.

Of course I know I've over simplified this, and know nothing of the PS backend. But this 2 accounts on 1 device question is not uncommon.

Hope you can develop and stable solution!

I love the PS app anyway!

Re: Same device on 2 accounts

Posted: 9. Oct 2020, 12:45
by admin
thanks for the feedback...
We will find a good solution for all user to send notification to devices not associated with the account!