Consuming more than one API's

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Consuming more than one API's

Postby dimis1 » 21. Jan 2019, 07:41

I'm trying pushsafer with MqttWarn.
I set a cron timer (at MqttWarn) to send a message every hour starting from 15/1/2019 21:10 Athens time.
Since then, I did not send more than 120 messages (using cron or manually through MqttWarn or your web page "Send a Notification")
Yesterday I check my remaining API messages counter and I was surprised because I started with 1040 messages and now I have 356.
What is wrong?

I notice that some messages on my android have one more icon (exclude message icon) like a circle with a number inside
like that I attached
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Re: Consuming more than one API's

Postby admin » 21. Jan 2019, 09:10


the icon says, that the message was resend 10 times.
You have set the parameter re = retry and ex = expire

Every resend = 1 API call, so 100 messages resended 10 time = 1000 API calls.

You can read the API description here:

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