Notifcations but nothing on client

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Notifcations but nothing on client

Postby mypushsafer » 8. Aug 2018, 15:36

Hi all:

I have the following situation on a Samsung Galaxy S9+:

1. I am sending a simple email with just plain text to a alias from my home automation system to PushSafer.
2. I get the mobile notification on my android mobile device:

All is good there.

3. Open the Android PushSafer client - it shows me the last alarm but that was ages ago and is not the one from the notification (*check the dates on the notification*)

So I think maybe my client on my android devices is @#@

4. I login via the web and open my dash for that device:
No messages there either ???

Shows exactly what my android client shows.....

1. I get the right notification
2. I get no new message in my android client
3. I get no new message on the dashboard.

Would appreciate the help

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